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At Clean Air Company, we have the knowledge and expertise to design and install an industrial dust collection system that will help you provide your employees with a healthier work environment. Our systems capture potentially toxic and explosive dust and other contaminants and transport it out of the building to prevent its accumulation in the air or duct system. Regardless of industry, the Clean Air team can help you limit employee exposure to harmful dust and avoid cross-contamination issues.

Dust Collection Systems for All Industries, All Applications

Manufacturers, warehouses, and emergency services organizations have benefited from the industrial ventilation expertise of the Clean Air team since 1976. We serve clients from a wide range of industries, including:

  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Concrete
  • Cosmetics
  • Food & Flavors
  • Machine Shops
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Salons/Beauty Shops
  • Vocational Schools
  • Warehousing

Dust Collector Products

We sell a complete line of dust collection products to help you comply with OSHA regulations, minimize potential long-term liability, increase facility safety, and protect employees’ health. ROI benefits include reduced sick days, improved product quality, reduced maintenance costs and improved machine reliability.

Baghouse Collectors

Baghouse Collectors

With durable fabric bags, superior release properties, and a longer filter service life, baghouse dust collectors can handle the challenging applications of your industrial workshop, including elevated temperatures and moisture content, fibrous or abrasive dust, and heavy dust loading.
Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Commonly used to eliminate welding fumes, nutraceutical dust, chemical and organic food and flavor industry compounds, and various other applications, cartridge dust collectors come in multiple sizes and configurations that work well in buildings with limited space availability. The modular design of cartridge dust collectors also allows for future expansion. Cartridge dust collectors come in various sizes and configurations allowing the designer to fit the collector in smaller spaces if needed. The collector can be built in a vertical orientation for narrow spaces or stacked side by side to fit areas with limited overhead space. Filters, located in the dirty air plenum, are positioned in a vertical or horizontal orientation and utilize a pleated filter media to remove the contaminates from the air stream. Each cartridge filter has an average of 250 SqFt providing more media per cubic feet when compared to a baghouse dust collector.
Cyclone Dust Collectors

Cyclone Dust Collectors

Commonly used to collect wood dust, shredded paper, plastics, composites and large chips, cyclone dust collectors are an excellent choice for woodworking, buffing and polishing, metal grinding, powder material handling, rubber grinding, abrasive cutting and other applications.
Dust Control Booths

Dust Control Booths

Dust collection booths, sometimes referred to as sanding booths, provide a self-contained area for maximum control and removal of airborne contaminates. The dust booth can be sized based on your configuration requirements. Contaminated air is drawn into the back of the booth where the air is filtered. Clean air is returned via overhead duct system to a clean air plenum located across the collection booth opening. The clean air pushes the contaminated air to the back of the dust booth.
Dustcontrol DC Tromb 400

High Vac Dust Collectors

High Vacuum systems provide low CFM volumes but at a very high pressure (40 – 80 inwg) so bulky materials can be transported. These are designed for conveying materials using vacuum instead of air volume providing an efficient way of material handling saving time and money while simultaneously reducing dust contamination. They can be portable or set up as a central system with an elaborate duct system connected to it. The OSHA National Emphasis Program for explosive dust requires facility cleanup of dust accumulation. Dustcontrol portable high vacuum systems provide the ideal way for maintaining a clean work place. They manufacture lots of accessories for cleaning the tops of pipes, connecting to tools such as surface grinders, disk grinders, cutting wheels, welding robots, and much more.
Portable Dust Collectors

Portable Dust Collectors

Portable dust collectors will provide a source capture solution for small dust collection applications. The portable collector utilizes a small fan that draws air into a cartridge filter where dust is collected and clean air returns into the room.
Shaker Dust Collection Systems

Shaker Dust Collection Systems

The shaker dust collector is primarily used on applications with larger fibrous particulates such as wood dust collection or plastic chips. A filter bag is suspended inside the dirty air plenum and dust is collected on the outside of the filter. The duct connection is down low on the hopper so as air enters the dirty air plenum the reduced velocity allows larger heavy dusts to fall out of the air stream. Smaller particles of dust accumulate on the outside of the filter.
Wet Dust Collectors

Wet Dust Collectors

Wet dust collectors are common for use with aluminum, titanium and other explosive metal dusts. Sanding, grinding, and polishing metals creates fine particulates that are most safely collected in a wet collector. Typical industries/applications for wet collectors are aircraft manufacturers, milling & refining, ceramics, foundries, and makers of electrical components. Filter-1 wet collectors are in use at Boeing, American Airlines, General Electric, Lockheed Martin, Dupont Corporation and Raytheon, to name a few. Wet collectors come in three configurations: ducted, downdraft table or collection booth. All 3 of which meet NFPA standard 484 for collection of metal dust Cartridge collectors, bag house, shaker bags or cyclones have all been applied to metal dust collection, but all present some additional risk compared to wet collectors. Using these types of dust collectors also requires additional accessories like explosion vents, abort gates or grounded filters. These accessories add to the overall cost of the unit as well as additional maintenance requirements. Choosing ducted, downdraft or booths for your wet collector is primarily based upon how your operators perform their processes. If they are working on stationary grinders then a ducted system is best, if they have smaller pieces that they move around then a downdraft table might be most efficient, however if the operator is using a hand grinder and working around a piece of material then a booth would make the most sense. Some optional equipment may include sludge conveyors, HEPA filters or explosion proof motors among many others. Although wet collectors offer slightly more maintenance hours versus cartridge collectors, they are innately safer due to the use of water and they offer peace of mind that explosion protection systems can’t give you as the goal of the wet collector is to avoid the explosion altogether rather than protect against it.

Dust Collection System Service and Maintenance

Clean Air Company offers maintenance and service contracts to ensure your dust collection system runs efficiently and to extend its life. We can tailor a service agreement for your dust collector to your specific needs. Our maintenance agreements include an annual 52-point checkup to keep your system running smoothly and prevent shutdowns that cost you time and money. With access to a large selection of top brands, we can provide and install replacement parts for your existing dust collection system.

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Companies throughout the expanded tri-state area depend on Clean Air for dependable, cost-effective dust collection and vehicle exhaust ventilation systems:

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All Brands

We represent top manufacturers of industrial air cleaning equipment and accessories, including a complete product line of low- and high-vac dust collection systems; vehicle exhaust, ducting, and emergency service exhaust systems; air cleaners; and flexible hose technology. We work with a range of top brands, including:

Filter 1 Air Quality SolutionsPlymovent Vehicle Exhaust Ventilation SystemsMaster Duct Hose Manufacturer and SupplierAm Tech Industrial Dust CollectorsAlsident Extraction ArmsParker Filtration SystemsBoss FiltersUS DuctAir Quality Engineering

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Why Companies Rely on the Clean Air Company for Dust Collection Systems

Clean Air Company is your local source for competitively priced dust collection system design, installation, service and maintenance. Warehouses and manufacturers in a variety of industries throughout CT, DE, NJ, NY, and PA have trusted our dust collection specialists since 1976.

  • Precise Design Service
    Our in-house experts leverage their years of experience to recommend dust collection system options and creative solutions to help you make the best decision to safeguard your employees’ health in your new or existing building. We’ll customize a dust extraction system in coordination with construction contractors to ensure our system fits your building design. Our dust collection system designs incorporate competitively priced, energy-efficient equipment to help you lower facility maintenance and energy costs.

  • Accurate Installations
    Our dedicated team of installation experts has decades of experience delivering precise dust collection system installations. We’ll ensure your dust extraction system operates correctly to improve your indoor air quality.
  • Expert Equipment Maintenance and Service
    Our team of service professionals provides exceptional dust collection system maintenance, including a 52-point equipment checkup that reduces downtime by preventing system breakdowns before they occur. Our service technicians pride themselves on quick, accurate dust collection system issue diagnosis and repair.
  • Convenient Location
    Clean Air Company is centrally located to your New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and New York City, including Manhattan or Long Island business.
  • Dedication to Excellence
    Clean Air Company has been known since 1976 for our dedication to eliminating industrial dust from your workplace to protect the health of your employees, reduce corporate liability exposure, and lower your maintenance, energy and insurance costs.

Safeguarding our employees’ health & reducing costs!

“The chemical dust in our pharmaceutical manufacturing plant was a real health hazard to our employees. We needed to find a solution that would increase workplace safety, lower our liability insurance costs, and reduce frequency of employee medical leave. Clean Air Company assessed our space and requirements and designed the perfect system for our needs. Now we can rest assured we’re doing our best to safeguard our employees’ health and control our costs.”

~ Anita P., Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Director, New Brunswick, NJ (Yelp Review)
5 Star Review | Dust Collection System Design and Installation

Breathe Clean Air.

For over 40 years, Clean Air Company has designed, installed, maintained and serviced high-quality dust collection and vehicle exhaust extraction systems to help protect employee health, reduce liability exposure, and lower energy and insurance costs for organizations across various industries.

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