Dust Collectors

Dust Collection Systems: Keeping the Workspace Clean and Efficient

Dust Collector, Air Flow, Example of dust collectionIndustrial dust collection systems are engineered to capture and remove contaminates generated during the manufacturing process.  The benefits of implementing a dust collection system include;

  • Protect employees from hazardous conditions
  • Reduce corporate liability from OSHA fines or potential law suites
  • Protect electronic equipment from dirt and extend its life expectancy
  • Prevent cross contamination from different manufacturing processes
  • Increase product quality by preventing product dirt accumulation
  • Reduce manufacturing down time due to maintenance
  • Comply with EPA permitting regulations
  • Reduce potential fire and explosion hazards from dust accumulation

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge dust collection systems use a pleated media with varying filtration efficiencies and use compressed air to pulse the dust load from the filters.  These types of dust collectors are more frequently used for smaller sized particulates found in welding fume, pharmaceutical dust, food and flavor dusts, to name a few.

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Bag House Dust Collectors

Baghouse dust collectors utilize long tubes of woven or felted fabric that  can be shaken or pulsed with compressed air to increase filter life.  They are known for having a collection efficiency for respirable dust and effective  in many applications.

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Wet Dust Collectors

Wet dust collection systems are primarily for applications involving explosive metal dust collection.  Aluminum grinding, titanium grinding, and polishing are a few examples where fine dust is generated creating a potentially explosive environment.  Capturing the dust and trapping it in a water wash leaving the dust in water based sludge complies with NFPA 484 standard for combustible metals.

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Dust Booth Collectors

Dust control booths create an open work space that confines the spread of dust using push pull ventilation design.  Dust booths can use either cartridge filters or wet collection for filtering contaminate.  HEPA filters can be used to provide a higher degree of filtration efficiency if needed.  Dust booths can be customized to fit your specific size requirements.

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Cyclone Dust Collectors

Cyclone dust collection systems are predominantly used for wood dust collection, chip collection, or other applications involving collecting large volumes of larger size dust.  The cyclonic effect creates a natural separation of larger particles from the air stream allowing them to settle out into a dust collection drum.

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High Vacuum Dust Collection Systems

High Vacuum systems provide low CFM volumes but at a very high pressure (40 – 80 inwg), designed for conveying materials using vacuum instead of air volume providing an efficient way of material handling saving time and money while simultaneously reducing dust contamination.  They can be portable or set up as a central system with an elaborate duct system connected to it.

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Shaker Dust Collectors

Shaker-style systems safely and effectively collect airborne pollutants captured at the source helping ensure the safety of employees and students while achieving OSHA and NFPA regulatory compliance for combustible or explosive dusts.

Shaker Dust Collectors

Portable Collectors

Plug and Play portable collectors provide flexibility to provide source capture filtration where you need it.  Portable units typically use source capture extraction arms mounted to the collector to capture contaminates at the source.  Filter media options vary from self-cleaning cartridge filters, disposable pleated filters, or activated carbon, depending on your application needs. Accessories include spark baffles for welding applications, self-cleaning for dust loading, large caster wheels, and clean out trays.

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