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Woodshop Dust Collection Systems

Woodshop Dust Collection Systems
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Protect Your Employees from Toxic Wood Dust

Wood dust generated in woodworking facilities poses significant safety risks. Wood dust was responsible for 34 fires and 11 explosions in the first six months of 2021 and is one of the leading causes of fire and explosions among all industries, including furniture and cabinet making.1 In addition, wood dust is classified as a known carcinogen and can have long-term adverse effects on the health of the respiratory tract and mucous membranes of people who work in wood shops.

Don’t leave your company vulnerable to costly liability issues and endanger your employees’ health by exposing them to dangerous wood dust generated by woodworking tools. Our dust collectors include:

  • table saw dust collection
  • miter saw dust collection
  • lathe dust collection
  • planer dust collection
  • router dust collection
  • chop saw dust collection
  • jointer dust collection
  • CNC dust collection
  • belt sander dust collection

With over 45 years of experience and access to various top brands, the wood dust collection experts at Clean Air Company can design and install a competitively priced, modern and efficient woodshop dust collection system for your woodworking facility.

Clean Air Wood Dust Collector Products

We sell a complete line of woodwork dust extraction products to help you create a safer work environment, achieve code compliance, and reduce company liability risk. ROI benefits include reduced absenteeism, improved employee morale, reduced equipment and facility maintenance, increased life expectancy of woodworking equipment, improved product quality, less downtime, and increased production.

Clean Air offers a full line of wood dust collection solutions, including:

Woodworking Dust Collectors that Complement Your Equipment

Table Saw Dust Collector
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Table Saw Dust Collector
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We have over 45 years of experience customizing dust collection systems that help woodworking businesses and vocational schools comply with OSHA regulations, increase facility safety, protect employee and student health, and minimize long-term liability. This experience has provided Clean Air Company with the specialized knowledge needed to design a wood dust collection system optimized for your requirements, from miter and table saw dust collection to chop saw, planer, jointer, router table dust collection, and more. We’ll begin designing your wood dust collection system by establishing the air volume requirements for each of the tools in your shop. Taking air volume requirements into account ensures that the wood dust generated in your shop will be captured and conveyed to the dust collector without first settling in the duct system, where it can pose a safety hazard. Our technicians integrate their comprehensive understanding of NFPA 664 and 652 into the wood dust collection system design, enabling them to mitigate all fire and explosion hazards. We have the knowledge and insight to understand your facility’s needs and determine which features are best integrated into your wood dust collector. Available features include a spark detection system, isolation gates, an abort gate, electrical grounding and bonding, explosive relief panels, spark suppression, an air material separator, start and stop controls, and a safety after filter.

Wood Shop Dust Collection Systems Design

Customized to Your Woodworking Applications

The Clean Air Company does a complete evaluation of the types of dust generated in your wood shop so we can engineer the most effective workshop dust extraction system for your needs. While many woodworking tools generate wood dust, they vary in the specific type of dust generated. To be effective, your wood dust collection system needs to be designed to handle the kind of dust generated in your woodworking facility. The most common and least expensive wood dust collection device is a cyclone dust collection system. A cyclone dust collector requires no maintenance, cleaning controls, or filter replacements. Although the larger wood dust particles generated by routing or drilling tools are less susceptible to explosion than smaller particles are, this type of wood dust can damage dust collection system filters upon high-velocity impact, making them best separated by a cyclone or other pre-separating device. Sanding tools create an extremely fine, powdery wood dust, which is more susceptible to explosion than larger dust particles. Devices best collect fine wood dust with high filtration efficiencies, such as bag house collectors, cartridge collectors, or shaker bag collectors. These dust collectors are also a great solution when you need clean Air to be returned indoors after filtration.

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Dust Collection System Service and Maintenance

Clean Air Company offers maintenance and service contracts to ensure your dust collection system runs efficiently and to extend its life. We can tailor a service agreement for your dust collector to your specific needs. Our maintenance agreements include an annual 52-point checkup to keep your system running smoothly and prevent shutdowns that cost you time and money. With access to a large selection of top brands, we can provide and install replacement parts for your existing dust collection system.

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Why Companies Rely on the Clean Air Company for Wood Dust Collection Systems

We’re the preferred source in NJ for competitively priced installation, service and maintenance of wood shop dust collection systems. Woodworking facilities throughout NJ, PA, NY, CT, DE and Long Island, including furniture, cabinet makers, and vocational schools, have trusted our wood dust collection specialists since 1976.

  • Precise Design Service
    Decades of experience designing and engineering wood shop dust control systems enables us to recommend creative solutions and design the best woodworking shop dust collector system to help you safeguard your employees’ health in your new or existing building. We’ll coordinate with construction contractors to customize a wood dust extraction system that fits your building design. Our woodworking dust collector system designs incorporate competitively priced, energy-efficient equipment to help you lower facility maintenance and energy costs.
  • Accurate Installations
    Our dedicated team of wood shop dust collection system installation experts have decades of experience delivering precise installations. We’ll ensure your shop dust extraction system operates correctly to improve your indoor air quality.
  • Expert Equipment Maintenance and Service
    Clean Air’s team of service professionals provides exceptional woodcraft dust collection system maintenance, including a 52-point equipment checkup that reduces downtime by preventing system breakdowns before they occur. Our service technicians pride themselves on quick, accurate diagnosis and repair of wood dust collection issues.
  • Convenient Location
    Serving the continental United States, Clean Air Company is centrally located to your New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and New York City, including Manhattan or Long Island business.
  • Dedication to Excellence
    Since 1976, Clean Air Company has been known for our dedication to eliminating industrial dust from your workplace to protect the health of your employees, reduce corporate liability exposure, and lower your maintenance, energy, and insurance costs.

    Knowledgeable & Customer-focused!

    “Clean Air Company will always be our go-to source for the best wood dust collection equipment. They take the time to understand the types of tools we work with in our cabinet-making facility and then help us select the correct wood dust filtration equipment for the type of wood dust the tools produce. Everyone at Clean Air is a pleasure to deal with. They’re the most knowledgeable, honest, and customer-focused company I’ve ever worked with. They are very responsive to our pricing requests whenever we call, even on short notice. I highly recommend doing business with them.”

    ~ John P., Cabinet Maker, Elizabeth, NJ (Google Review)
    5 Star Review | Woodworking Dust Collection System Design and Installation

Breathe Clean Air.

For over 40 years, Clean Air Company has designed, installed, maintained and serviced high-quality dust collection and vehicle exhaust extraction systems to help protect employee health, reduce liability exposure, and lower energy and insurance costs for organizations across various industries.

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