Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge Dust Collection Systems: Offering Safety and Versatility

Cartridge dust collectors come in various sizes and configurations allowing the designer to fit the collector in smaller spaces if needed. The collector can be built in a vertical orientation for narrow spaces or stacked side by side to fit areas with limited overhead space.  Filters, located in the dirty air plenum, are positioned in a vertical or horizontal orientation and utilize a pleated filter media to remove the contaminates from the air stream.  Each cartridge filter has an average of 250 SqFt providing more media per cubic feet when compared to a baghouse dust collector.

United Air Specialists SFC Series

The SFC is a proven, high-quality downward flow cartridge dust
collection system. With its patented pulse cleaning technology,
greater air capacity and quick and easy maintenance, there’s no
better air filtration method for your manufacturing facility.
Our SFC unit removes harmful pollutants resulting from common
manufacturing processes — such as grinding, welding, buffing
and sanding. The result: a safer, cleaner environment for your
employees. By using our SFC unit, you’re virtually eliminating air
quality concerns in the workplace. Plus, you’re ensuring increased
employee productivity, fewer absences and illnesses, more
efficient cleaning, and significant operational savings.

Customizable to your application with a modular design to grow with your needs.

UAS SFC Series Dust Collector Product Information


The PNP unit (Plug and Play) is a self-contained unit all packaged up and ready to work.  This unit includes the fan in a sound absorbing housing with touch screen controls allowing you to control pulse cleaning, increase/decrease fan speed and monitor pressure.

The unit uses the ProTura DH MERV 15 fire retardant filter making this an ideal unit for fumes generated from welding and laser/plasma cutting as well as numerous other applications.

¨ Electrically Commutated motorized impeller offering the latest in energy efficient technology.

¨ Touch screen controls for total system control and monitoring.

¨ Fire retardant MERV 15 99.99% operational efficiency filter media.

¨ Auto flow control for automatic fan adjustment based on pressure changes.

¨ Easy dump dust draw with forklift access.

UAS DustHog PNP Information


Amtech ATV series dust collectors are a single housing construction completely seam welded unit.  This heavy duty construction gives both Tort and Farr dust collectors a run for the money and is evenly matched in all aspects of quality construction and feature design.  The Amtech ATV series utilizes a patented down flow technology to prevent dust re-entrainment during cleaning cycles.  The self-cleaning filter design uses a venturie pulse cleaning method to induce a higher volume of air for a more effective cleaning system.


Construction: 11 gauge Carbon steel powder coated inside & outside

CFM Capacity: 500 – 50,000

Compressed air Consumption: 2.5 CF/pulse

Filter Configuration: Vertical  filters with front access door for entry.

Amtech ATV Cartridge Dust Collector Product Information

Filter-1 Pulse-Tron

Filter-One Pulse-Tron unit is a single housing construction completely seam welded.  Filter-One is known for their ability to provide custom design solutions based on unique applications.  The Pulse-Tron is designed for heavy duty applications and can utilize either a horizontal or vertical filter arrangement configuration.  Filters can be accessed through front access door or a dual access (front & back) design.  Pulse-Jet technology is used to automatically clean the filter based from differential pressure monitoring.  Accessories are too numerous to list but include, High-Temperature cut off, enhanced filter cleaning, abrasive inlet guard, explosion vents, sprinkler heads, and audible arms.


Construction: 11 gauge Carbon steel powder coated inside & outside

CFM Capacity: 500 – 50,000

Compressed air Consumption: 2.5 CF/pulse

Filter Configuration: Vertical  filters with front access door for entry.

Filter-1 Pulsetron Cartridge Dust Collector Product Information

Plymovent MDB Series

The benefits of Plymovents’ dust collector is its modular design making it easy to configure horizontally or vertically.  The (2) cartridge or (4) cartridge modual design also allows for future expansion of the collector by adding filter modules.  It is easily assembled in tight spaces and is designed for light dust applications such as welding fumes, cutting, grinding, or nuisance dust of a non-combustible nature.    The Plymovent MDB dust collector has a patented “RAM Air” automatic filter cleaning technology for effective filter cleaning and reduced compressed air consumption.


Construction: 14 gauge Carbon steel powder coated inside & outside

CFM Capacity: 500 – 20,000

Compressed air Consumption: 1.8 CF/pulse

Filter Configuration: Horizontal filters with front access hatch per filter.

Plymovent Multi Dust Bank Cartridge Dust Collector Product Information

AQC Maxflo-MC

The AQC Maxflo-MC dust collectors are plug and play.  They ship fully assembled and ready to go with only duct connection required.  These units have automatic pulse self-cleaning cartridge collectors and come in a range of sizes.  The unit ships fully assembled with a quiet anti-spark BI inclined impeller to handle medium to high static pressures.  The acoustic lining on the clean air outlet makes this a quiet unit suitable for indoors. The integrated control panel provides reliable filter cleaning for the horizontal filter configuration with an access door for each filter.  AQC also manufactures bag collectors with both manual and automatic cleaning options.



AQC Maxflo Cartridge Dust Collector Product Information