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Filter-1 Pulse-Tron

Filter-One Pulse-Tron unit is a single housing construction completely seam welded. Filter-One is known for their ability to provide custom design solutions based on unique applications. The Pulse-Tron is designed for heavy duty applications and can utilize either a horizontal or vertical filter arrangement configuration. Filters can be accessed through front access door or a dual access (front & back) design. Pulse-Jet technology is used to automatically clean the filter based from differential pressure monitoring. Accessories are too numerous to list but include, High-Temperature cut off, enhanced filter cleaning, abrasive inlet guard, explosion vents, sprinkler heads, and audible arms. Construction: 11 gauge Carbon steel powder coated inside & outside CFM Capacity: 500 – 50,000 Compressed air Consumption: 2.5 CF/pulseFilter Configuration: Vertical filters with front access door for entry.