Serving New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut and Delaware

Parker PNP DustHog

The PNP unit (Plug and Play) is a self-contained unit all packaged up and ready to work. This unit includes the fan in a sound absorbing housing with touch screen controls allowing you to control pulse cleaning, increase/decrease fan speed and monitor pressure.The unit uses the ProTura DH MERV 15 fire retardant filter making this an ideal unit for fumes generated from welding and laser/plasma cutting as well as numerous other applications.¨ Electrically Commutated motorized impeller offering the latest in energy efficient technology.¨ Touch screen controls for total system control and monitoring.¨ Fire retardant MERV 15 99.99% operational efficiency filter media.¨ Auto flow control for automatic fan adjustment based on pressure changes.¨ Easy dump dust draw with forklift access.