Shaker Dust Collection Systems

Eliminate Airborne Pollutants with Shaker Dust Collectors

The shaker dust collector is primarily used on applications with larger fibrous particulates such as wood dust collection or plastic chips.  A filter bag is suspended inside the dirty air plenum and dust is collected on the outside of the filter.  The duct connection is down low on the hopper so as air enters the dirty air plenum the reduced velocity allows larger heavy dusts to fall out of the air stream.  Smaller particles of dust accumulate on the outside of the filter.

UAS DUST HOG SDC Series Self Contained Shaker Dust Collection

These SDC Self-Contained Shaker Dust Collectors keeps facilities and products cleaner by removing 99 percent of dust by weight. The SDC is also quiet and does not require expensive or loud compressed air due to an oscillating mechanism that shakes the filter and dislodges dust cake.


Not only is the SDC safe for workers, it also achieves regulatory compliance with OSHA and NFPA for combustible or explosive dusts.

UAS Self Contained Shaker Information