Baghouse Collectors

Baghouse Dust Collectors: Long-lasting & Built for a Challenge

Baghouse dust collectors are typically selected for some of the more challenging applications in an industrial workshop.  Fabric bags typically last longer, have better release properties and have longer service life between filter replacement.  Some of the more common applications for baghouse collectors have the following;

  • Elevated temperatures
  • Elevated moisture content
  • Fibrous particulate (wood dust, paper dust) or heavy dust loading applications

Industrial baghouse collectors handle the toughest particulate applications such as abrasive dust, sticky and fibrous material or applications where moisture is present. Baghouse filters are selected based on particle size, abrasiveness, moisture content and adhesion characteristics, making them adaptable to most industrial applications.

UAS Modular Industrial Baghouse (MIB)

The MIB design is based on over 50 years of Clarcor and BHA experience and applications. This unit is an industrial workhorse that fits numerous applications with heavy particulate loading.  The extensive filter selection offered by Clarcor Industrial allows for almost any application whether it’s rocks, chemicals, heat, paints and pigments or food and pharma.  This unit is ideal for agglomerative dust or high moisture content applications.


Numerous filter options are available in bag or pleated cartridge and constructed of various media to suit your application. The unit is constructed of 7 & 10 gauge steel electrostatically powder coated both inside and out for withstanding the outdoor elements for decades.

The modular design allows greatest flexibility and the easiest unit to service with top mounted doors and elevated pulse valves.

UAS Modular Industrial Baghouse (MIB) Information