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Abort Gate

Abort Gates are found on the clean air or positive pressure side of a dust collector and are used to isolate an explosion in the collector between the Abort Gate itself and the No-Return Valve on the other side of the collector, thus protecting the return air entry from an explosion entering.

EcoMAXX® High Speed Abort Gates are specifically designed to be installed as a safety component when filtered air is returned to a building. NFPA requires High Speed Abort Gates to be activated by a FM Approved spark detection and extinguishing system. When the Яaptor Spark Detection & Extinguishing Control Module detects a potential hazard, the return air is diverted to atmosphere, aborting potential fire from entering a workspace. This abort function can also be activated by the Яaptor Spark™ Dust Probe when dust particles are detected and/or the Яaptor Spark™ Thermal Probe.

The EcoMAXX® High Speed Abort Gate is just one of the essential Fire & Explosion Protection system components provided by Boss Products. This component includes specific protection for Explosion Prevention, Fire Isolation & Diversion, specifically designed and engineered to be installed for the protection of workers, equipment, and buildings.

The EcoMAXX® High Speed Abort Gates are designed for actuation by a Яaptor Spark Detection System which may include Spark Detectors (as required by NFPA), Broken Bag Detectors in the duct or Thermal Probes to detect rapid temperature rise in the filter enclosure. The
EcoMAXX® HSAG02 may also be incorporated to be actuated by external building alarm systems.