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For over 40 years, the Clean Air Company has been providing dust collection and vehicle exhaust system design, sales, installation, and maintenance services, helping New York organizations stay safe, profitable, and compliant.

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Clean Air Company has over four decades of experience providing Upstate New York and New York City businesses across various industries with high-quality dust collection and vehicle exhaust systems that help protect their employees’ health, reduce their liability exposure, and lower their energy and insurance costs. Our expert team designs, installs, maintains and services indoor air quality systems for companies in Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. We have access to a wide variety of top brands and provide design-engineered solutions that improve indoor air quality for chemical manufacturing plants, warehouses, pharmaceutical companies, vocational schools, cosmetics companies, ambulance stations, machine shops, DPWs, fleet garages, transportation services companies, and more.

History in New York

For over 40 years, New York businesses have trusted Clean Air Company to provide them with high-quality dust collection and vehicle exhaust ventilation systems. We’ll leverage our substantial experience designing, installing, and maintaining engineered solutions to help protect your employees’ health and reduce your NYC business’s liability exposure and energy and insurance costs. Our dedication to excellence has made us the preferred provider of indoor air quality systems throughout the five boroughs of New York City. Conveniently located in Woodbridge, NJ, we can quickly access Route 95, the Henry Hudson Parkway, Route 495, Route 278, Route 440, Route 295, and Route 27, making it easy for us to visit your Upstate New York or NYC site. Clean Air Company has built an outstanding reputation with businesses located near the George Washington Bridge, The Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, The Brooklyn Bridge, the Queens Midtown Tunnel, LaGuardia Airport, JFK International Airport, the Verrazano Narrows Bridge, the Goethals Bridge, the Outerbridge Crossing, and the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Clean Air Company is known by businesses throughout New York for our dependable, cost-effective vehicle exhaust ventilation and dust collection systems.

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NYC Dust Collection Systems

Don’t jeopardize your employees’ health and expose your business to costly liability lawsuits by releasing into the air hazardous contaminants like pharmaceutical dust, wood dust, and welding fumes that are generated during the manufacturing process. Clean Air Company can help you protect your employees’ wellbeing, reduce employee sick time and your liability insurance costs, and safeguard your New York company’s reputation by providing you with an industrial dust collection system that helps you adhere to OSHA’s exposure limit threshold values by capturing contaminants before your employees are exposed to them. Our experienced engineers will help you keep your NYC facility clean, improve your product quality, extend the life of your manufacturing equipment, reduce equipment downtime, and lower your energy expenses by configuring a customized dust collection system for your new or existing Upstate NY or New York City building. If you want to improve your employees’ morale and health while saving time and money, depend on Clean Air Company to design and install a top-quality industrial dust collection system for your New York business.

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NYC Vehicle Exhaust Ventilation Systems
Firehouse Vehicle Exhaust System
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NYC Vehicle Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Professionals who work with diesel-powered vehicles in Upstate New York or New York City, including firefighters, paramedics, and auto mechanics, are at increased risk of serious health issues caused by the hazardous chemicals and toxic gases emitted in diesel exhaust. Cancer caused by pollutants in vehicle exhaust has been found to be one of firefighters’ most significant health risks. As a New York employer, it’s important for you to protect your employees’ health and keep your insurance costs and liability risks low. Clean Air Company can help by partnering with you to configure a vehicle exhaust extraction system customized to the needs of your facility. We’ll provide you with a top-quality vehicle exhaust ventilation system that will capture hazardous exhaust-borne chemicals from the air and remove them from the building to reduce health risks and help lower your NYC business’s liability exposure.

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Additional Product Lines

Clean Air Company provides vehicle maintenance facilities, warehouses, manufacturers, firehouses, and similar businesses with dependable and economical design-engineered solutions to correct air quality problems and ensure employee safety in the workplace. Our team of experts will completely design-engineer a system customized to your needs. Our solutions include the following:

Service and Maintenance

Clean Air Company offers maintenance and service contracts to companies in Upstate NY and NYC to ensure efficient operation of their dust collection or vehicle exhaust ventilation systems and to extend equipment life. We can tailor a service agreement for your indoor air quality improvement system to the specific needs of your New York business. Our maintenance agreements include an annual 52-point checkup to keep your system running smoothly and prevent shutdowns that cost you time and money. With access to a large selection of top brands, we can provide and install replacement parts for your existing dust collection or vehicle exhaust ventilation system.

All Industries, All Applications

Manufacturers, warehouses, and emergency services organizations have benefited from the industrial ventilation expertise of the Clean Air team since 1976. We serve clients from a wide range of industries, including:

All Brands

We represent top manufacturers of industrial air cleaning equipment and accessories, including a complete product line of low- and high-vac dust collection systems; vehicle exhaust, ducting, and emergency service exhaust systems; air cleaners; and flexible hose technology. We work with a range of top brands, including:

Filter 1 Air Quality SolutionsPlymovent Vehicle Exhaust Ventilation SystemsMaster Duct Hose Manufacturer and SupplierAm Tech Industrial Dust CollectorsAlsident Extraction ArmsParker Filtration SystemsBoss FiltersUS DuctAir Quality Engineering

Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Why New York Companies Rely on Clean Air Company

Clean Air Company is the preferred source in NY and NYC for competitively priced vehicle exhaust ventilation and dust collection system design, installation, service and maintenance. Depend on the industrial ventilation specialists trusted since 1976 by manufacturers, and firehouses throughout Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

  • Precise Design Service
    Whether you need an indoor air quality system for NYC new construction or an existing New York building, our in-house experts will leverage their years of experience to recommend options and creative solutions to help you make the best decision for your available space and business needs. We coordinate with construction contractors to create vehicle exhaust ventilation and dust extraction systems that fit new building designs throughout Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and Queens. Our designs incorporate competitively priced, energy-efficient equipment to help you lower your facility maintenance and energy costs.
  • Accurate Installations
    The Clean Air experts will leverage our more than four decades of experience delivering precise installations to NYC businesses to ensure your system operates correctly and efficiently. At Clean Air, we never subcontract the installation of your industrial air cleaning equipment.
  • Expert Equipment Maintenance and Service
    The Clean Air team prides itself on providing timely and accurate issue diagnosis and repair. Our service professionals provide exceptional maintenance services to businesses throughout NYC, including a 52-point equipment checkup that prevents issues to reduce system downtime for your New York business.
  • Convenient Location
    Clean Air Company is centrally located to your business in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and New York, including Upstate, Manhattan, and Long Island.
  • Dedication to Excellence
    Since 1976, the family-owned and operated Clean Air Company has been dedicated to eliminating contaminated indoor air at NYC facilities to protect employees’ health, reduce corporate liability exposure, and lower maintenance, energy and insurance costs.

Great Dust Collection System!”

“Breathing in dusty warehouse air all day long was really taking a toll on our employees’ health. Our team was unhappy and we were losing a lot of time and money to sick days. We started asking around for recommendations, and Clean Air Company was the popular choice for dependable, cost-effective dust collection systems. We couldn’t be happier with our new system and highly recommend Clean Air Company!”

~ Frank D., New York Warehouse Manager (Google Reviews)
5 Star | NYC Industrial Ventilation Systems

Breathe Clean Air.

For over 40 years, Clean Air Company has designed, installed, maintained and serviced high-quality dust collection and vehicle exhaust extraction systems to help protect employee health, reduce liability exposure, and lower energy and insurance costs for organizations across various industries.

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