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Plymovent SBT Installation
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For over 30 years, Clean Air Company has earned an outstanding reputation as the ambulance and fire truck exhaust removal system vendor that helps protect firefighters’ and EMTs’ health, reduces liability exposure, and lowers energy and insurance costs for fire stations and other public safety organizations. Over 98% of emergency service vehicles are diesel-powered and expose emergency responders to the hazards of diesel exhaust. Diesel exhaust emissions are known carcinogens, and when they are allowed in the station, they put the health and safety of our emergency responders at risk. We’ve been installing Plymovent vehicle exhaust systems for over three decades. We are known for customizing fire station vehicle exhaust systems to each facility’s needs to improve air quality and create a safer work environment for firefighters and other emergency services employees. PlymoVent source capture exhaust systems are fully automatic, specifically designed for emergency response vehicles, and the most preferred among emergency responders, with over 50,000 exhaust removal systems installed globally.

The Plymovent exhaust removal system connects directly to the vehicle tailpipe and transports harmful emissions directly outdoors via a high-pressure blower. The exhaust fan turns on automatically whenever the vehicle starts. The exhaust hose travels with the vehicle as it enters and exits the station and disconnects instantaneously as it approaches the exit door.

Exhaust Removal Systems for Emergency Services and Fire Stations

Numerous studies have documented increased cancer rates among firefighters compared with the general population. These rates can be attributed to exposure to contaminated air at fire scenes and diesel exhaust in the station. Both New York and New Jersey have passed legislation that provides firefighters diagnosed with cancer access to benefits to assist with medical coverage. The laws are based on the presumption that cancer was contracted “on the job.”

Whether your fire station features single back-in bays or stacked vehicle bays, Clean Air’s experts have the skills and experience to design and install a fire truck exhaust removal system that will collect toxic vehicle exhaust directly from your firetrucks’ tailpipes or overhead exhaust stacks and remove it from the building. As the preferred firehouse exhaust systems supplier, we represent Plymovent’s fire station exhaust removal systems and accessories that help fire stations comply with regulations and increase firehouse safety. Vehicle exhaust systems designed for emergency response vehicles differ from fleet maintenance exhaust systems. These exhaust systems are easier to attach to the vehicle because the exhaust tailpipe is modified for a simpler universal connection. In addition, they are designed to stay connected to the vehicle when in the station and start automatically whenever the vehicle starts. This feature eliminates diesel exhaust from the station and does not impact emergency response times.

Our exhaust ventilation product line is segmented to meet the unique needs of Fire Departments and EMS Responders as well as Fleet Maintenance Services.

Fire Station Exhaust Removal Systems
Firehouse Exhaust System
Plymovent STR Installation
South Brunswick Firehouse (New Jersey)

Learn how Clean Air Company’s vehicle exhaust systems remove hazardous diesel exhaust emissions and protect firefighters.

Wayside Fire Company, Tinton Falls, NJ

Emergency and Fire Station Exhaust Extraction Products

We provide firehouses, ambulance corps, and other emergency services organizations with a complete line of vehicle exhaust ventilation systems to help then comply with regulations, minimize potential long-term liability, increase facility safety, and protect employees’ health.

Plymovent SBT Firehouse Exhaust System

PlymoVent SBT

The PlymoVent SBT exhaust system is designed to connect to any motor vehicle tailpipe and capture virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions at their source, the tailpipe. The SBT system is used in single back-in bay applications where the vehicle tailpipe is within 40′ of the exiting door. It is a fully automatic system.
Plymovent STR Straight Rail Vehicle Exhaust System

PlymoVent STR – Straight Rail Vehicle Exhaust System

The PlymoVent STR exhaust system is designed to connect to any motor vehicle tailpipe and capture virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions at their source, the tailpipe. The PlymoVent STR system is designed for extended firehouse bays where vehicles can be stacked. Ideal for drive through bays or bays where up to 4 vehicles can be parked in tandem
Plymovent Vertical Stack Rail (VSR) System

PlymoVent VSR-Vertical Stack Rail

The Plymovent vertical stack rail (VSR) exhaust system is designed for vehicles with overhead exhaust tailpipes. The VSR is a source capture system that captures virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions and is a completely hands-free system allowing the vehicle to connect and disconnect from the exhaust system completely automatically. Typical vehicle applications are crash rescue and tankers.

Firehouse Exhaust Ventilation System Service and Maintenance

Clean Air Company offers maintenance and service contracts to ensure your vehicle exhaust collection system runs efficiently and to extend its life. We can tailor a service agreement for your specific needs. Our maintenance agreements include an annual 52-point checkup to keep your system running smoothly and prevent shutdowns that cost you time and money. With access to a large selection of top brands, we can provide and install replacement parts for your existing vehicle exhaust ventilation system.

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We represent top manufacturers of industrial air cleaning equipment and accessories, including a complete product line of low- and high-vac dust collection systems; vehicle exhaust, ducting, and emergency service exhaust systems; air cleaners; and flexible hose technology. We work with a range of top brands, including:

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Creating a Healthy Work Environment

Why Firehouses Rely on Clean Air Company for Exhaust Ventilation Systems

Clean Air Company is your local source for competitively priced vehicle exhaust ventilation system design, installation, service and maintenance. Clean Air Company is located in central NJ, servicing emergency services like firehouses and ambulance bays in the New York & New Jersey Metro area.

  • Precise Design Service
    Our in-house experts leverage over 40 years of experience to recommend vehicle exhaust ventilation system options and creative solutions to help you make the best decision to safeguard your employees’ health in your new or existing building. We’ll customize a vehicle exhaust extraction system in coordination with construction contractors to ensure our system fits your building design. Our vehicle exhaust ventilation system designs are competitively priced and include energy-efficient equipment to help reduce your energy costs.

  • Accurate Installations
    With decades of installation experience, our dedicated team delivers precise vehicle exhaust system installations. We’ll ensure your exhaust ventilation system operates efficiently and effectively to improve your indoor air quality.
  • Expert Vehicle Exhaust Equipment Maintenance and Service
    Our team of service professionals provides exceptional vehicle exhaust ventilation system maintenance, including a 52-point equipment checkup that reduces downtime by preventing system problems before they occur. Our service technicians pride themselves on quick, accurate issue diagnosis and repair.
  • Convenient Location
    Clean Air Company is centrally located to your New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and New York City, including Manhattan or Long Island business.
  • Dedication to Excellence
    Clean Air Company has impressed clients since 1976. We’re dedicated to eliminating vehicle exhaust from your workplace to protect the health of your employees, reduce corporate liability exposure, and lower your energy and insurance costs.

    Keeping Our Firefighters Healthy and Happy!

    “The exhaust that built up in our firehouse was creating a lot of health concerns for our firefighters. We knew we needed a better system to keep the air inside safe and clean. We’re very happy with the system Clean Air designed and installed in our firetruck bays. It’s easy to use and works very well. Their maintenance and service teams are great, too. We highly recommend Clean Air for top-notch vehicle exhaust ventilation systems!”

    ~ Bob S., Fire Chief, Long Island, NY (Google Review)
    5 Star Review | Vehicle Exhaust Ventilation System Design and Installation

Breathe Clean Air.

For over 40 years, Clean Air Company has designed, installed, maintained and serviced high-quality dust collection and vehicle exhaust extraction systems to help protect employee health, reduce liability exposure, and lower energy and insurance costs for organizations across various industries.

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