Air Cleaners

Both media and electrostatic free hanging filtration units designed for ambient air filtration/circulation. Some units can also be ducted for source capture applications preserving precious floor space.

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Mist Collectors

A variety of machines to help your equipment run efficiently while maintain maximum retention of materials.

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Dust Collectors

Numerous types of collectors including wet, portable, cartridge, cyclones, bag, and booths covering any type of application you encounter.

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Extraction Arms

AMCA tested source capture flexible exhaust arms. Numerous diameters, lengths, colors and stainless steel for the pharmaceutical industry.

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Downdraft Tables

Multiple size and customized down draft tables.  Self cleaning and ducted models available with many accessories

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Fans & Controllers

AMCA tested PlymoVent fans and UL listed electrical controllers providing energy efficient systems.

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Vehicle Exhaust

Firehouses, maintenance garages, engine testing centers, and repair shops all require exhaust emission control and we have an extensive product line for all of them.

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Clean Air Company can also provide you with duct work for your job. Don’t hesitate to call the office and ask for us to work with you on your design as well.

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