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Fire Truck Vehicle Exhaust Removal System
Fire Truck Vehicle Exhaust Removal System

Barnegat Fire Department Installs New Fire Station Exhaust Removal System

January 24, 2022

The Barnegat Volunteer Fire Department recently installed a firehouse exhaust removal system to protect their department’s members from diesel exhaust exposure. Diesel exhaust particulate has long been recognized as a human carcinogen.

Numerous studies document firefighters’ increased risk of contracting cancer compared with the general population. Over 98% of emergency vehicles are diesel-powered, exposing emergency responders at fire scenes and in fire stations to hazardous carcinogenic diesel exhaust emissions that put their health at risk.

In 2019, Governor Phil Murphy passed a law known as the “Thomas P. Canzanella Twenty-First Century First Responders Protection Act.” Thomas Canzanella was a Deputy Chief of the Hackensack Fire Department who passed away at the early age of 50 from cancer. This new law provides firefighters, both career and volunteer, with the ability to receive workers’ compensation benefits for any type of contracted cancer. The only limitation is that the firefighter must be under the age of 76 and have served for seven years.

The most valuable asset we have is our team of volunteer firefighters, who freely give their time to protect and serve the members of our community. They must be protected as well,said Barnegat Township Business Administrator Martin Lisella.

The vehicle exhaust removal system, installed by Clean Air Company, connects directly to the vehicle tailpipe and vents the carcinogenic gases out of the building. Designed by Plymovent specifically for emergency response vehicles, the system is fully automatic and is the most preferred system among emergency responders, with over 50,000 exhaust removal systems installed globally. The system connects directly to the vehicle tailpipe to carry harmful diesel truck exhaust directly out of the building via a high-pressure blower. When the vehicle starts, the exhaust fan starts automatically. The exhaust hose remains attached to the vehicle while in the station and swiftly disconnects as the vehicle approaches the exit door so emergency response times are not impacted.

About Clean Air Company

For over 30 years, Clean Air Company has earned an outstanding reputation for customizing fire truck exhaust ventilation systems for each facility’s needs, regardless of whether the station features single back-in bays or stacked vehicle bays. Clean Air is the preferred supplier of vehicle exhaust extraction systems that help fire stations and other emergency services comply with regulations, protect firefighters’ health, reduce liability exposure, and lower insurance and energy costs. Clean Air’s team of experts has the specialized skills and experience to design and install customized fire truck exhaust removal systems that collect potentially toxic vehicle exhaust directly from firetrucks’ tailpipes or overhead exhaust stacks and remove it from the building.

Preferred Vendor of Vehicle Exhaust Extraction Systems

Since 1976, Clean Air’s ventilation expertise has made them the preferred supplier of dust collection and vehicle exhaust extraction systems across a wide range of industries, including warehouses, pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics companies, vocational schools, chemical manufacturing plants, transportation services, fleet maintenance shops, engineering firms, military installations, educational institutions, vocational schools, heavy equipment and rental companies, auto dealerships, auto garages, utility companies, and fire and EMS departments. The industrial ventilation specialists at Clean Air’s Woodbridge, NJ facility engineer, install, maintain and service high-quality dust-collection and vehicle exhaust extraction systems to improve indoor air quality for companies in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, New York and New York City, including Manhattan, Long Island, Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn and the Bronx.

Clean Air Company offers service and maintenance contracts tailored to each facility’s needs to ensure their dust collection or vehicle exhaust collection system runs efficiently and extend its life. Clean Air’s maintenance agreements feature an annual 52-point checkup that keeps the vehicle exhaust extraction system running smoothly and prevents costly and disruptive shutdowns. With access to a large selection of top brands, Clean Air can also provide and install replacement parts for an existing vehicle exhaust ventilation or dust collection system.

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