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School Dust Collection Systems Podcast
School Dust Collection Systems Podcast

Listen to Clean Air Company President Discuss the Challenges of School Dust Collection Systems

October 15, 2022

Clean Air Company, Inc. President Greg Slavin was recently featured on Dust Safety Science podcast episode 181, where he discussed some of the common challenges he observes with regard to combustible dust safety in educational wood shop facilities, especially high schools. His discussion focuses on the use and maintenance of dust collection systems and the differences between older and newer systems in aging and recently built facilities. 

Dust collectors that become plugged with dust particles are associated with heightened fire hazards and explosion risks. Greg notes that he often finds potentially hazardous cost-saving shortcuts taken on dust collection system installations in older buildings. These shortcuts can cause the dust collectors to become clogged. However, newer builds are not without their hazards. Greg finds that one of the biggest challenges in new builds is the large number of people involved, including subcontractors and code officials who aren’t always current on their knowledge of safety codes pertaining to installing industrial dust collection systems for wood shops. This can result in misinterpretation of particular points of safety codes and lead to issues like the omission of abort gates on systems returning filtered air to the building. Greg also points out that dust collection systems installed with insufficient spacing to allow isolation gates and abort gates to close quickly enough can be a potential hazard. 

“One of the biggest challenges is the large number of people involved…whose knowledge of safety codes as they pertain to installing dust collection systems isn’t always up-to-date.”
Greg Slavin, President, Clean Air Company, Inc.

Greg and his team of dust collection system experts encourage dust collection system safety in schools by educating educational facilities and engineering firms about crucial issues pertaining to wood dust collection. Greg emphasizes the importance of implementing a proper maintenance routine for cleaning the dust collection system which can have a huge impact on keeping a wood dust collector functioning safely and efficiently. Preventing a dust collection system’s filters from becoming clogged can help avoid system inefficiencies and prevent the increase in airflow resistance that causes material to build-up in the ductwork. 

Since 1976, Clean Air Company, Inc. has been the trusted source for customized, energy-efficient, and competitively priced dust collection and vehicle exhaust ventilation system design, installation, service and maintenance in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Connecticut, and New York City, including Manhattan and Long Island. To learn more about the safe and efficient use of dust collection systems in wood shops, listen to the podcast:  DSS181: Challenges With Educational Wood Shop Dust Collection Systems with Greg Slavin.

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