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NFPA- National Fire Protection Association

NFPA- National Fire Protection Association


The National Fire Protection Administration (NFPA) utilizes people segmented in various committees to develop standards which sometimes are adopted as code based on their area of expertise.

For example NFPA 1500 is a standard requirement on Fire Department Occupational Safety & Health.  Its committee members are comprised of fire officials, insurance companies, professors, manufactures, and health and safety companies.  This particular protocol requires fire departments to protect their firefighters from breathing diesel exhaust.  This is a requirement for fire departments to consider but the actual code that addresses vehicle exhaust systems is the International Mechanical Code (IMC).

There are many standards that are important to be familiar with.  When designing dust collection systems, there are more to follow, particularly when dealing with explosive dusts.  The difficulty is understanding which standard to use.  For example, 664 will assist in designing a wood dust collection system but it will also cross references 68 for deflagration venting and 652 for combustible dust.  Some of the standards applicable to dust collection include but are not limited to;

  1. 68 – Deflagration venting
  2. 484 – Standards for Combustible Metals
  3. 652 – Fundamentals of Combustible Dust
  4. 654 -Explosions from Manufacturing Processing, and Handling of Combustible Particulate Solids
  5. 664 – Prevention of Fires and Explosions in Woodworking Facilities

Ultimately, the compliance of a dust collection system design for explosive dust is determined by the  Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) which is your local code enforcement official. Permits should be applied and plans must be reviewed before proceeding with the installation.

Clean Air Company can assist you with guidelines on which standards will govern your design as well as provide all the necessary documentation needed for a dust collection permit application.

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