Emergency Services

Plymovent vehicle exhaust removal systems designed for emergency responders have been a leading standard for more than 20 years.  Diesel exhaust systems are designed to protect the fire departments greatest asset… firemen.  The World Health Organization has recently categorized diesel exhaust as a known carcinogen making exhaust removal a priority in the emergency services.

Two important options that differentiate Plymovent’s vehicle exhaust removal system from competition is your choice of GrabbersTM. The Pneumatic GrabberTM is designed to enclose and seal the vehicle tailpipe, inflating like a blood pressure cuff; while Plymovent’s new Magnetic GrabberTM utilizes earth magnets to provide a “click and seal”  with the tailpipe. Both are easily attached without having to bend over to attach the system to the vehicle.

The automatic release uncoupling valve is fully adjustable allowing the system to release from vehicles exiting at any speed.

The safety disconnect breakaway feature ensures the system always releases from the vehicle. It allows the lower hose attachment to swivel 360 degrees eliminating hose stress and providing ease of use.

The UL listed OS3 auto start electrical control panel automatically starts the exhaust fan when the vehicles starts. Utilizing pressure sensors any motor vehicle can activate the system without any vehicle modifications.

The safety debris screen prevents foreign objects from being drawn into the system.

The yellow and black hose is highly visible in dim light conditions and takes up minimal space in the aisle. It’s rated up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, so it withstands temperatures generated by intermittent pump checks and provides long term durability.

These are just a few of the more prominent features that have made the PlymoVent exhaust removal system the “Choice of the Chiefs.”

SBT - Sliding Balance Track

The PlymoVent SBT exhaust system is designed to connect to any motor vehicle tailpipe and capture virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions at their source, the tailpipe. The SBT system is used in single back-in bay applications where the vehicle tailpipe is within 40′ of the exiting door. It is a fully automatic system.

Plymovent SBT - Sliding Balance Track Information

STR- Straight Rail Vehicle Exhaust System

The PlymoVent STR exhaust system is designed to connect to any motor vehicle tailpipe and capture virtually 100% of the exhaust emissions at their source, the tailpipe. The PlymoVent STR system is designed for extended firehouse bays where vehicles can be stacked. Ideal for drive through bays or bays where up to 4 vehicles can be parked in tandem

Plymovent STR- Straight Rail Vehicle Exhaust System Information

VSR-Vertical Stack Rail

The PlymoVent vertical stack rail (VSR) system is designed for vehicles with overhead exhaust stacks. Exhaust emmissions are discharged into the rail profile, which is under suction. The entire rail profile is suspended by a trolley system allowing lateral movement of the rail to align itself with the position of the overhead exhaust tailpipe.


The most common application for PlymoVent VSR systems are ARFF Crash Rescue facilities like JFK International Airport, or emergency service vehicles with overhead exhaust tailpipes.


Some of the features of the VSR include the self aligning trolley system for moving vehicle integration.


Automatic start and release from the vehicle tailpipe.


Solid one piece construction rail profile offers strength and durability.


High temperature Teflon coated sealing lips for reduced friction.


No human interaction required for connection.

Plymovent VSR-Vertical Stack Rail Information