Vehicle Exhaust Systems

Our vehicle exhaust product line is segmented between Emergency Services and Fleet Maintenance Services. Fire Departments and EMS Responders have different needs than fleet operators. While there is some cross between the product lines, it’s minimal.
We’ve been protecting emergency responders from diesel exhaust exposure since 1989. Firefighters have an alarmingly high risk of cancer compared to the general population and exposure to diesel exhaust is one of the contributing factors. Diesel exhaust is a known carcinogen and because of such the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard –1500 requires department’s to prevent exposure to firefighters to exhaust emissions.
Fleet maintenance garages are required by International Mechanical Code 502.14 to have a source capture exhaust system. The following pages show the various types of systems we offer and the flexibility they provide the end user.

Emergency Services Exhaust Systems

Plymovent vehicle exhaust removal systems designed for emergency responders have been a leading standard for more than 20 years.  Diesel exhaust systems are designed to protect the fire departments greatest asset… firemen.  The World Health Organization has recently categorized diesel exhaust as a known carcinogen making exhaust removal a priority in the emergency service.

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Hose Reels

Source capture exhaust removal systems are required under the current IMC 2009 mechanical code.  Exhaust hose reels are the prevalent way of providing a source capture vehicle exhaust systems in maintenance garages to protect workers from the carcinogenic effects of diesel exhaust.  Hose reels can motorized or spring loaded and outfitted with various types of temperature rated exhaust hose and nozzle types.

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Hose Drops

Exhaust hose drops are an economical way of providing a simple source capture exhaust system for each maintenance bay area.  The exhaust hose is connected directly to the overhead duct system and can be raised off the floor using tool balancers or a simple pulley system.  Various types of exhaust hose and nozzles are available to select from depending on your system design needs.

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Nozzles and Accessories

Trucks, buses, cars, and trains all have different tailpipe exhaust connection needs.  Vehicle exhaust removal systems have a lot to do with designing user friendly products and having a large variety to choose from.  Clean Air Company offers the most versatile and comprehensive product line when it comes to vehicle exhaust systems.

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