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No Return Valve

The installation of an Explosion Isolation Device on all suction side ducts that transport material with a Kst value above zero is an NFPA Requirement.

Installing a SAFETY SMART EcoMAXX® No Return Valve (EM-NRV) will protect workers and facilities from the damaging effect of a baghouse or filter explosion.

EM-NRV Explosion Isolation Valves are designed for use with all EcoMAXX® High Speed Abort Gates, Fire Break Shutters, Spark Detection & Extinguishing/Suppression Systems, and Energy Management Systems.

No-Return-Valves, Backdraft Dampers and are all names for isolation gates that are typically found on the dirty air side (negative pressure side) leading into a collector and work on back pressure to close a gate and isolate a collector explosion from the ports that it is drawing air from.