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Portable Dust Collectors

Portable Dust Collectors

Portable dust collectors will provide a source capture solution for small dust collection applications.  The portable collector utilizes a small fan that draws air into a cartridge filter where dust is collected and clean air returns into the room.

AQC Mini Roll

Size: H 32”x22” x 46” Motor: 1 HP Power input: 115/1/60 Airflow: 650 CFM Filtration: Washable pre filter, standard repla...

AQC MaxiCart

Size: H 46” x 38” x 49” Motor: 3 HP Power input: 208/230/1/60 or 3 HP 208/230/460/3/60 or 575/3/60 Airflow: 1200 CFM with ...

AQC Maxiroll

Size: H 46”x30” x 36” Motor: 1 HP Power input: 115/208/230/1/60 or 208/230/460/3/60 or 575/3/60 Airflow: 650 CFM Filtrati...

Plymovent Mobile One

Size: Height 38.2″, Width 25.6″, Depth 45.3″ Motor: 1.5 hp single phase Airflow: Typical 588-705 cfm, Max 824 cfm Power I...

Parker V Series Portable Dust Collector

The V Series portable dust collector is ideal for applications where large pick-up hoods are impractical, where dust and smoke-pro...

There are several options you can choose for your portable dust collector:

  • Horsepower: 1Hp or 1.5Hp.
  • Collection arm diameter, 6” for up to 700 CFM or 8” for over 700 CFM
  • Collection arm length 7’ up to 14’
  • Self-cleaning requires compressed air to pulse the cartridge clean

The portable dust collectors, sometimes referred to as fume extractors, are primarily used for removing welding fume. The units are also used for small dust collection applications for blending and mixing operations.

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