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Flex Hose

Flex Hose

Providing customer solutions has enabled Masterduct to offer North American businesses an expanded range of innovative hose products for industrial applications – especially in high-heat, abrasive materials conveyance, dust collection, antistatic, vehicular exhaust source-capture, and chemical fumes environments.

Vehicle Exhaust

Flexible hose that can handle varying temperatures, our vehicle exhaust hoses come in a wide variety of diameters and materials. ...

High Temperature

Dealing with a heated process or a high temperature engine exhaust, we can help you find the hose that will hold up to your applic...

Masterduct Food and pharma

The FDA has requirements in place and Masterduct has met them. Highly durable and food grade while being cost effective. You can U...

Masterduct Chemical resistant

Chemicals react, that is there job, our hoses have the job of not reacting to your chemical formulas. Masterduct and Clean Air off...

Masterduct Anti Static

Friction leads static and static to spark which leads to potential for fire. Different materials need different precautions for to...

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