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High Vac Dust Collectors

High Vac Dust Collectors

High Vacuum systems provide low CFM volumes but at a very high pressure (40 – 80 inwg) so bulky materials can be transported.  These are designed for conveying materials using vacuum instead of air volume providing an efficient way of material handling saving time and money while simultaneously reducing dust contamination.  They can be portable or set up as a central system with an elaborate duct system connected to it.  The OSHA National Emphasis Program for explosive dust requires facility cleanup of dust accumulation.  Dustcontrol portable high vacuum systems provide the ideal way for maintaining a clean work place.   They manufacture lots of accessories for cleaning the tops of pipes, connecting to tools such as surface grinders, disk grinders, cutting wheels, welding robots, and much more.

Dustcontrol DC Storm 600

The standard DC Storm 600 is used for big hand held power tools and heavy duty cleaning on construction sites. The dust extractor ...

Dustcontrol DC Tromb 400

The DC Tromb 400 is our most powerful 1-phase dust extractor up to now. It is designed to cope with both the demands for a clean...

Dustcontrol DC-2900c

The DC 2900 is our most popular dust extractor. It is suitable for vacuum cleaning and source extraction from handheld power tools...

Dustcontrol DC-5900C

The DC 5900c 9.2 kW P generates an extremely large amount of  air flow and is therefore optimal for many extraction points. It is...

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