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Dust Collectors Cyclone

Cyclone Dust Collectors

The cyclone dust collector operates on mechanical separation through centrifugal force.  The cyclone collector is typically used on medium to coarse particles with heavy dust loading applications. Wood dust collection is the most common application for these units. They are also excellent collectors of shredded paper from recycling operations, plastics, composites and large chips.

Cyclone Dust Collectors are an excellent choice for:

  • Woodworking
  • Buffing and polishing
  • Powders (material handling)
  • Rubber grinding
  • Abrasive cutting
  •  Metal grinding
  • Pre-cleaning (cartridge/baghouses)
  • Material handling and pre-cleaning.


  • Radial blade self-cleaning high efficiency fans
  • Explosion vents
  • Rotary air locks
  • Hippo-Hopper bin drums with large storage capacities and forklift auto dump
  • Secondary high efficiency after filters
  • Sprinkler heads


  • No filter replacement costs
  • Low cost of initial investment
  • Serves as excellent prefilter to extend life of secondary more expensive media filters
  • No compressed air cleaning costs

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