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Chemical Resistant Extraction Arms

Chemical Resistant

Provide a different level of chemical resistance to help keep labs safe while working with corrosive or reactive chemical compounds.

Alsident System 100 Chemical Resistant Snorkel Arms 4in

Working Radius: 31.25″ – 103.5″ Tube/Hose: 4″ Rec Air Volume:  82.5-235.5 cfm Color Options: Red and White Model Optio...

Alsident System 75 Chemical Resistant Snorkel Arms 3in

Working Radius: 21.5″ – 78.25″ Tube/Hose: 3″ Rec Air Volume:   47 – 106 cfm Color Options: White or Red Model Optio...

Alsident System 63 Chemical Resistant Snorkel Arms 2.5in

Working Radius: 20.75″ – 59″ Tube/Hose: 2.5″ Rec Air Volume: 35.25 – 70.75 cfm Color Options: Black Model Options: Stand...

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