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Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge Dust Collectors

Cartridge dust collectors come in various sizes and configurations allowing the designer to fit the collector in smaller spaces if needed. The collector can be built in a vertical orientation for narrow spaces or stacked side by side to fit areas with limited overhead space. Filters, located in the dirty air plenum, are positioned in a vertical or horizontal orientation and utilize a pleated filter media to remove the contaminates from the air stream. Each cartridge filter has an average of 250 SqFt providing more media per cubic feet when compared to a baghouse dust collector.


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The Advantages of Cartridge Dust Collection Systems

Cartridge dust collectors are self-cleaning and utilize compressed air to blow the collected dust off the filters.  Each row of filters has a solenoid valve, electrically or pneumatically controlled, to release a burst of compressed air through the center of the filter.  The solenoid valve is activated by a controller that will activate the valve through a timer or by monitoring the differential pressure across the filters.  When pressure builds up across the filter due to dust loading, the valve releases compressed air to pulse clean the filter.  Dust drops off the filter down into the hopper where it remains in a collection drum.

Removing filters from a cartridge dust collector is easier compared to a baghouse collector.  Dust collectors with filters in the horizontal filter configuration can stack filters two deep.  The access door allows the removal of this row of filters only which serves as a benefit if a bag-in / bag-out process is required to prevent the service technician from being exposed to the hazardous dust.   Dust collectors with filters in the vertical position utilize a larger access door revealing all the filters reducing time in opening and closing multiple access doors for filter access.

Cartridge dust collectorion systems are commonly used for welding fume, nutraceutical dust, chemical and organic compounds in the food and flavor, industry and various other applications.  Some benefits of cartridge dust collectors compared to bag house collectors include;

  • Smaller profiles
  • Easier filter replacements
  • Modular design allows future expansion
  • Lower cost of explosion protection

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