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Customizable arms for a wide variety of applications. Ranging from 2-4 inches in diameter, in Aluminum, Chemical Resistant and Antistatic styles.  With an array of hoods for each size, combines with hanging and standing mounting options they are an excellent customizable solution for lower CFM needs.


Arms made of anodized aluminum pipes connect by shatterproof polypropylene joints to be used in conjunction with a varie...

Anti Static

Using a shatterproof conductive polypropylene in combination with a TCP treated aluminum and grounding wire, a variety o...

Chemical Resistant

Arms made of Polypropylene work well within the particular demands of working with chemical fumes due.  The inner compo...

System 25 Cabinets

System 25 Cabinets that provide fume coverage for sample or small batch mixing in several different configurations....

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