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Amtech Cyclone ATC-160 thru ATC-4400


Amtech Cyclone ATC-160 thru ATC-4400

Construction 11 ga./14 ga. Carbon Steel Welded Construction
Paint Powder Coat Amtech Blue
Base Unit Includes Barrel, Cone, Leg Set, Inlet Transition & DLK
Motors/Blowers 2HP thru 50HP DD 208/230/460v/3ph/60hz
Non Spark Fan Aluminum Fan Wheels & Inlet Cones
Motor Starters Combo Starter NEMA 12 or Magnetic NEMA 1
Drums & Drum Lid Kit  20 or 55 Gallon Dust Drum & Drum Lid Kits
Double Drum Base Dual 20 or 55 Gallon Dust Drum & Drum Lid Kits
Throw Out Bins Extra Collection Bins 20, 40, 60, 110 Cu. Ft.
Scrolled Outlet Option to Reduce Unit Height & System Static
Afterfilter Assemblies Indoor & Outdoor Units with Manual Cleaning
Afterfilter Media Polyester Felt Media sizes from 72 to 648 Sq. Ft.
Afterfilter Plenums Lined AF Plenums for Sound Attenuation
Silencers ATC Round Silencers 72″L with Inlet Transitions
Explosion Vents ATC Explosion Vents with Brixon Latch (220 Kst)
Fire Suppression Sprinkler Head(s) with Coupling (212F) 1/2″ NPT
Structural Ratings 100 MPH Wind Load & Seismic Zone 4
Additional Options RAL, Slide Gates, Hopper Access Doors & VFD

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