Product Upgrades and Service

Magnetic Grabber

After almost 30 years of selling the pneumatically controlled Grabber nozzle Plymovent launched their new product design for the Magnetic Grabber in 2009.  Over the past six years Clean Air Company has been providing our customers with the “Try Before You Buy” program allowing you to convert one of your exhaust hose drops to magnetic Grabber free of charge for a 30 day evaluation period.

We recognize hundreds of departments are completely satisfied with the pneumatic Grabber however some departments have some product issues.  The Magnetic Grabber nozzle offers you options to your current pneumatic system.  Pneumatic systems, if not properly maintained, can lead to condensation in the airlines resulting is delayed release from exiting vehicles. There are more components with the pneumatic system that require periodic adjustments.  The Magnetic Grabber takes all the pneumatics out and provides a simple Magnetic connection to a specially designed tailpipe adapter.

If you would like more information download the PDF file or fill out the form for more details on the “Try Before You Buy” program.  Your satisfaction is our first priority.


Magnetic Grabber

Safety Disconnect:

Plymovent continues to roll out product improvements and the Safety Disconnect is one of them that has been very well received by the emergency services community.  The safety disconnect feature is designed to detach the lower hose connection from the exhaust system in the event of an improper release.  Previous versions of this component made reattaching the lower hose difficult and left adjusting the tension susceptible to human error.

The new Safety Disconnect maintains the safety feature of preventing the hose from being ripped out of the station and improves on the simplicity of reattaching the lower hose should it disconnect.  The new design incorporates a 360 degree safety handle that allows the user to attach the system to the vehicle without bending over. It has an integrated safety rubber bumper to prevent scratching the apparatus should the two come in contact with one another and has inverted the manual fill button to make attaching the pneumatic Grabber easier by using the thumb to depress the button.


Safety Disconnect Fact Sheet

Preventative Maintenance Program (PMP)

Clean Air Company took the advice of many emergency responders and designed a preventative maintenance program.  Much like fire safety is designed to reduce fires and loss of life and property, our program is designed to reduce system down time and costly repairs.  Historically many customers just called when they needed service, but upon further evaluation many of the repairs where determined preventable.

The PMP program has proven extremely successful over the last 8 years.  This program is monitored by our ISO 9001 quality assurance program and our metrics show great results!  Product failure rates are down due to maintenance.  Costly repairs are down due to eliminating service repairs.  Customers are saving money as a results of less repairs, taking advance of the 20% product discounts and less labor charges.  Proper maintenance of your Plymovent system leads to less down time, frustrating service issues, less exhaust emission exposure and faster response times.  For a quotation on the PMP program email

High Temperature Hose

Plymovent has just announced the release of the newest generation of its high temperature hose.  The yellow & black hose is not only trademarked for brand identity but is synonymous with quality and the emergency services industry protecting employees from exposure to vehicle exhaust emissions.  With the new higher temperature exhaust emissions it was time for Plymovent to upgrade to a higher temperature rated hose.

The lower section of hose must withstand the greatest punishment due to increased temperatures and stress.  The lower hose is now rated up to 900 F. of continuous operation and 1,050 intermittent.  The temperature ratings of the hose have been verified Gaynes, a third party testing laboratory and far exceeds what we are seeing in the field for normal operating conditions.  This product improvement provides additional protection for vehicle’s that have just completed the regeneration process or running for extended periods of time.  For pricing on the new generation high temperature hose email

High Temperature Hose

DPF Technology and you

All diesel powered vehicles come with an on-board diesel particulate filtration system (DPF).  This device was mandated on diesel engine manufactures as part of the Clean Air Act to improve the quality of air we breathe outside by reducing the amount of particulate matter 2.5 microns and larger, otherwise referred to as PM 2.5.  Studies have shown PM 2.5 has a correlation to an increase in cancer and respiratory ailments.

Recently rumors have been stated the quality of the air from exhaust emissions are so good you can breathe them.  It has been rumored you no longer require source capture exhaust systems to protect you from the hazards of diesel exhaust emissions because the DPF technology is so good.  The simplest way to dispel such ridiculous claims is to request the statement be put in writing!  Clean Air Company will pay $500 to the first person to be able to supply us with the letter from the manufacturer of the engine making such a claim.

Filtration is nothing more than a controlled leak and over 95% of diesel particulate is not filterable because it is in a sub-micron particulate size.  To put this in perspective 1 micron is 125,400 of an inch in diameter.  The diameter of the hair on your head is roughly 50 microns and the human eye cannot see anything smaller than 40 microns.  Take a human hair and split it into 1,333 equal parts and now you have the average size of diesel particulate.

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