NFPA and Product Updates

NFPA Required Dust Hazard Analysis

The new NFPA standard 652 has been released and requires that if you manufacture, process, blend, convey, re-package or handle combustible dust or combustible particulate solids, you must take action.  You are responsible for determining if the dust is combustible or explosible.


The new standard provides you with the minimum requirements you need to manage risks associated with fire and explosion associated with combustible dusts.  The standard refers you to other NFPA standards that may apply to your specific application should your dust be determined to be combustible or explosive.


Clean Air Company is your sole source for staying current on NFPA requirements, managing your dust control needs, and properly maintaining your existing dust collection process.  Please contact us for any dust collection or indoor air quality issues you may have.

New Baghouse Product release

Clarcor Industrial Air together with United Air Specialist, Clark Dust Collection and BHA are pleased to introduce the new Modular Industrial Baghouse (MIB) unit.  The expertise in the design of this unit is derived from a half a century of successful baghouse applications.


The MIB solution offers the best in class filtration technology, customizable configurations and the easiest serviceability options available.  The unit can utilize felted bags or pleated BHA iPLAS® technology designed to work in the harshest environments.


Common applications for the MIB unit are heavy grain loading like paper dust or foundries, high temperature applications like Gypsum or smelting or abrasive applications like rock dust or Silica dust.  Download the product data sheet or contact a specialist today to review your application.

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– the most trusted name in metalworking mist collection.


Clarcor Industrial Air has just released the new SHM media mist collector with advanced PEACH filtration technology.  50 years of experience with metal working fluids have been combined into the SHM media mist collector.


The unit provides touch screen controls for optimum flow control programming as well as automated flow control.  Filtration efficiencies are through the roof and test shows increased filtration efficiency as the filters get more use.


The engineered PEACH coalescing filters provide three directional airflow paths to remove over 99% of contaminants with the lowest industry pressure drop resulting in extended filter life.  The UAS SmogHog mist filtration line offers the best in both media and electrostatic precipitators for total mist collection.


Inquire about a demo unit for your in-house evaluation

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Plug-N-Play Dust Collection

Clarcor Industrial Air will be releasing a new plug and play simplified dust collection system for applications ranging from 1,000 – 7,500 CFM.  The PNP series offers a simplistic approach for installing a dust collection system to reduce installation costs, simplify start up, control monitoring and ease of maintenance.


Features will include;
– a customized dust draw that can be emptied with a fork lift
– touch screen controls to increase or decrease air flow
– visual screen provide filter life monitor
– control pulse intervals or differential pressure settings


In the market for a simple dust collection system?  Let us know and we’ll be sure to get in touch with you with our collector selection check list and provide whatever assistance you require.

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