The Spark Stops Here

Nordfab In-line Spark Trap

In-line Spark Trap

Nordfab is pleased to introduce our new Spark Trap. It is inexpensive, easy to install, and best of all, very effective. The lead time on Nordfab Spark Traps is 4 days.  The perfect companion to compliment your fire prevention system for your dust collector.

 Seeing is believing! Click on this link to see a video of the Nordfab Spark Trap in operation. This You Tube Video is a very useful tool to share. Please note that the viewing spools are there to show the effectiveness of the Nordfab Spark Trap. The viewing spools are not included.

Simple, Economical Fire Protection
Installed in ducting as part of a dust collection system, the Nordfab In-line Spark Trap greatly reduces the possibility of fire in cyclones / collectors by decreasing the number of sparks which could reach the cyclone or collector through the ductwork. The spark trap’s effectiveness is based on a simple principle — disrupting the laminar airflow to cause sparks to cool and extinguish before they can enter a cyclone / collector. There are no moving parts and no power is required for operation.

Pressure loss is minimal.*
Quick, Easy Installation and Cleanout
Quick-Fit clamp-together ducting eliminates rivets, screws, and welding, significantly reducing the time required to install or replace ducting. The Nordfab In-line Spark Trap can quickly and easily be mounted into Quick-Fit ducting systems, or other duct systems via flanged ends or with use of a Nordfab adapter, and The trap can easily be removed for cleanout. Calibration or other assistance from a factory technician is not required

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