Hook Up the Hose!

Have you heard about “Hook Up The Hose”?

Ryan Pennington of ViewsFromTheJumpseat.com & Kerry Falzone of Plymovent Corp., have joined forces to create this campaign focused on the importance of hooking up an exhaust extraction hose in emergency service stations. Every minute firefighter’s and EMS are risking their lives to save ours. We need to stress the importance of protecting them in their stations. Join us and send a picture of you in your station hooking up the hose! No matter the manufacturer, you deserve to be protected.

You can email your pictures directly to Ryan and Kerry at hookupthehose@gmail.com. Once they are received I know they do their best to post them here on Facebook. With over a 1,000 likes they are doing a great job of getting the message out.

For more information check out their new PSA at Fire Enginnering or take a look at the videos from FDIC.