Dust collector purchase – Pain or Profit?

Most of our site visits for dust collection are requested by the owner out of fear for liability concerns, OSHA violations, or employee complaints.  It’s a pain purchase to most because the dust collector doesn’t generate profit….or does it?

True…. implementing a dust collection system is almost like purchasing liability insurance coverage.  It reduces potential for fires; it reduces OSHA fine violations, and reduces employee workmen’s compensation claim or law suites.  But how can it generate profit?

Have you ever added up how much time is spent on housekeeping?  One customer employed one person to clean up the metal dust generated during production every day, 5 days a week.  That’s about 15K – 16K not including workmen’s comp and health insurance.  Then there was the production shut down every Monday.  How about the defective product as a result of machine misalignment due to dust accumulation in the tracking; how much did that cost?  The short term of motor life on production machines, spread of contamination into the offices filled with computers.  What about customer perception of the product being received with dust all over the boxes?  My favorite is energy savings because it’s always a sure winner.  Running the exhaust fan 2,000 hours a year!!!

Cross the rubicon and evaluate a dust collection system that while it may seem the initial cost is expensive, your return on investment is a sure bet!