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Industrial facilities, like manufacturing plants, must follow industry-specific requirements for the facility’s air ventilation, dust capture, and fume exhaust and other application-specific problems. Clean Air Company offers solutions that exceed stringent standards set by the OSHA, NFPA, ASHRAE, ACGIH, and all other governing bodies in the industrial industry. We will help your company protect the employees’ health and at the same time reduce corporate liability exposure.

About Westchester County, New York

Located in the northern part of New York City is Westchester County, a charming and one of the oldest inhabited regions of America.  Westchester County has a future that is also as interesting as its history. Its location is convenient for tech companies to expand their production facilities, including tech giant IBM, that has a plant in Westchester County. The area is also becoming one of the top biotechnology sectors in New York where it was unveiled back in April 2017 about the plans of building an 80-acre biotechnology hub on one of the county’s vacant lands.

Our Filtration and Ventilation Products

  • Air Cleaners in Westchester County, NY: With the wrong equipment, airborne contaminants can cause a variety of health problems. We have air cleaners that are especially designed to target air pollutants so that only clean air is inhaled by the workers.
  • Dust Collectors in Westchester County, NY: Dust is a nuisance that can be dangerous when it is accumulated. Our dust collectors are cost effective tools of preventing shut downs caused by collected dust in the facility.
  • Mist Collectors in Westchester County, NY: Machine oil mist can cause slippery floors and may collect on different surfaces and create unpleasant and unsafe working conditions. Our variety of mist collectors capture all impurities that are in the mist.
  • Extraction Arms in Westchester County, NY: We have a wide range of extraction arms to remove dust, fumes, and smoke directly at the source.
  • Downdraft Tables in Westchester County, NY: Minimize expensive exhaust and energy loss with our downdraft tables that have built-in ventilation for capturing filter dust, smoke, and other particulates.
  • Fans and Controllers in Westchester County, NY: Clean Air Company is a leading provider of high-performance fans that are energy-efficient and offer quiet operation.
  • Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems in Westchester County, NY: Unfortunately, firefighters face a higher risk of cancer due to frequent diesel exhaust exposure. Our exhaust removal systems are designed to prevent unnecessary inhalation of said carcinogens.
  • Ductwork Components in Westchester County, NY: Proper duct system design is critical for any facility. Clean Air Company can collaborate with your team build an effective ductwork.

Get Clean Air Company Filtration and Ventilation Systems in Westchester County, NY Today

Clean Air Company is a leading provider of air movement, ventilation equipment, dust collection, and air filtration systems in Westchester County. We have assembled an extensive collection of products and services to provide our customers with the best solutions to achieve a reliable and safe air cleaning, ventilation, and movement.

If you would like to learn more about Clean Air Company’s scope of services in Westchester County, New York, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-738-0911 or send an email to You may also fill out our online inquiry form.

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