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Hudson County, NJ

Hudson County industrial facilities must be aware of the atmosphere within their buildings. It must be well circulated and clean so as not to threaten the health of employees. But the health of a business relies on clean air as well. Without proper ventilation and filtration systems, the health of the employees as well as the company’s bottom line can suffer. But with Clean Air Company’s premier dust collectors and air cleaners, you can lessen the chances for high utility costs and liability exposure issues. The Clean Air Act, OSHA, and other regulatory standards insist upon a safe and healthy environment in the workplace. We can help your business achieve just that. Talk to one of our representatives today to find out how.

About Hudson County, New Jersey

One of the fastest growing counties in New Jersey, Hudson County is named for a 1609 sea captain – Henry Hudson. With a population of over 691,600, it is New Jersey’s 4th-most populous county. With a total area of 62.31 square miles, it is also New Jersey’s most densely populated – but smallest – county. It has numerous exhibitions, galleries, and museums for the culture lover, as well as a wide selection of historic locations and landmarks. The Ellis Island Immigration Museum and Bayonne Firefighter’s Museum are noteworthy stops. Art lovers can revel in the area’s Sculpture Garden, the county’s art galleries, and the Hoboken Artists’ Studio Tour.

Our Filtration and Ventilation Products

  • Air Cleaners in Hudson County, NJ: Companies concerned about their industrial plant’s airborne contaminants should discuss, with one of our representatives, our high-quality air cleaners.
  • Dust Collectors in Hudson County, NJ: To reduce explosion and fire hazards, byproduct dirt accumulation can be prevented through the use of our premier dust collectors.
  • Mist Collectors in Hudson County, NJ: Employees are at an increased health risk from oil mist in many of today’s facilities. To meet OSHA standards, eliminate unwanted aerosol through the use of Clean Air Company mist collectors.
  • Extraction Arms in Hudson County, NJ: No matter what kind of extraction arms you need, we’ve got you covered with our impressive selection.
  • Downdraft Tables in Hudson County, NJ: In many grinding applications, one of our customizable downdraft tables can optimize dust collection.
  • Fans and Controllers in Hudson County, NJ: For quiet operation and energy efficiency, our high performance fans can be found in many buildings throughout the New York/New Jersey area.
  • Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems in Hudson County, NJ: Firefighters, mechanics, and other personnel are frequently at a higher risk of cancer as a result of exposure to diesel exhaust. To help prevent these hazardous conditions, inquire about our vehicle exhaust removal system.
  • Ductwork Components in Hudson County, NJ: One of our specialists would be happy to assist a representative of your company in designing and fabricating a ducting system that will be unique to your building.

Get Clean Air Company Filtration and Ventilation Systems in Hudson County, NJ Today

Clean Air Company, since 1976, has worked hard to provide Hudson County and surrounding counties with stellar dust collection and ventilation systems. We have established ourselves as a premier provider of clean-air in numerous industries throughout the New York/New Jersey area. If you would like one of our certified industrial ventilation design specialists to provide a free on-site survey, schedule an appointment today. This is the best way to discover how to achieve cleaner air and find out how the current atmosphere in your facility measures up to OSHA and Clean Air Act standards.

If you would like to learn more about Clean Air Company’s scope of services in Hudson County, New Jersey, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-738-0911 or send an email to You may also fill out our online inquiry form.

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