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Bergen County, NJ

At Clean Air Company, we understand the importance of a clean and healthy workplace atmosphere. That’s why it’s important for business owners to make sure they’ve got the appropriate filtration and ventilation system working for their interest and the interest of their employees. When you’re providing a healthy atmosphere for your staff, you reduce the possibility of exposure liability and can potentially reduce utility costs as well. Clean Air Company provides corporations with the industrial air cleaners and dust collectors they need.

About Bergen County, NJ

With a population of approximately 936,690+, northeastern New Jersey-located Bergen County is actually part of the metropolitan area of New York City. It is connected to Manhattan via the George Washington Bridge, which crosses the Hudson River and was officially opened in 1931. Though there are no large cities in Bergen County, there are 70 municipalities. Entertainment and commercial points of interest include the Meadowlands Arena and Giant’s Stadium replacement, the MetLife Stadium. Bergen County is also home to the Meadowlands Racetrack, Paramus Park, Palisades Interstate Park/Fort Lee, and numerous county parks.

Our Filtration and Ventilation Products

  • Air Cleaners in Bergen County, NJ: By restoring healthy breathing conditions in your industrial plant, you will no longer have to worry about airborne contaminants. Our air cleaners are designed to recirculate clean air and provide a healthier atmosphere for your employees.
  • Dust Collectors in Bergen County, NJ: Help reduce hazards from explosions and fires by preventing byproduct dirt accumulation with one of our dust collectors.
  • Mist Collectors in Bergen County, NJ: You can be assured of meeting OSHA standards and reducing health risks posed by oil mist by using one of our mist collectors to remove unwanted aerosol.
  • Extraction Arms in Bergen County, NJ: Point source capture benefits include, among other things… it’s user-friendly, an effective contaminant containment, saves energy, and reduces air volume.
  • Downdraft Tables in Bergen County, NJ: Got a tough grinding application to deal with? Our tables can help optimize dust collection.
  • Fans and Controllers in Bergen County, NJ: Clean Air Company is hard to beat when it comes to providing energy efficient, high-performance fans that offer quiet operation.
  • Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems in Bergen County, NJ: Sadly, firefighters and certain other Bergen County employees are at a higher risk of cancer due to frequent diesel exhaust exposure. Carcinogens can be better dealt with through the use of appropriate exhaust removal systems.
  • Ductwork Components in Bergen County, NJ: Let Clean Air Company assist in the design and fabrication of your very own, Bergen County ducting system.

Get Clean Air Company Filtration and Ventilation Systems in Bergen County, NJ Today

A premier provider of ventilation and dust collection systems, Clean Air Company services a diverse clientele in the New York/New Jersey area. Founded in 1976, our company can provide your company a free on-site survey. When it comes to clean and healthy air, find out what your facility is lacking through the services of our certified industrial ventilation design specialists.

If you would like to learn more about Clean Air Company’s scope of services in Bergen County, New Jersey, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-738-0911 or send an email to You may also fill out our online inquiry form.

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