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Atlantic County, NJ

In Atlantic County, New Jersey, it’s crucial to maintain clean air in the workplace. Business owners can better protect their employees’ health with a dependable, competent industrial filtration and ventilation system. That kind of protection can cause a positive ripple effect throughout a corporation involving exposure liability and even reduce utility costs. Trust Clean Air Company – we are Atlantic County’s #1 industrial dust collector and air cleaner provider.

About Atlantic County, NJ

With a population of roughly 274,550 people, Atlantic County, New Jersey has an economy that is largely dependent on its wineries, distilleries, and breweries. Back in 1837, when it was first established, the minimal population existed on an economy based on fishing, oysters, and clams. Atlantic County’s Township, Egg Harbor, had permission to sell “wine tonic” thanks to a government permit, during the prohibition era. Through the years, distilleries and breweries have continued to develop and prosper. Atlantic County is considered South Jersey, and some of the most notable celebrities from South Jersey include Bruce Springsteen, Bon Jovi, Meryl Streep, and more.

Our Filtration and Ventilation Products

  • Air Cleaners in Atlantic County, NJ: If you are concerned about industrial airborne contaminants, let our air cleaners put your mind at ease. They are designed to restore healthy breathing conditions by recirculating clean air back into your plant.
  • Dust Collectors in Atlantic County, NJ: To reduce explosion and fire hazards, and prevent byproduct dirt accumulation, count on our dust collectors.
  • Mist Collectors in Atlantic County, NJ: Is the health of your employees at risk due to oil mist? With our mist collectors removing unwanted aerosol, you will easily meet the 5mg/m3 OSHA standards.
  • Extraction Arms in Atlantic County, NJ: Occasionally called snorkel arms, for providing point source capture, this is the recommended method.
  • Downdraft Tables in Atlantic County, NJ: We’ve got the heavy-duty SDB downdraft bench you’ve been looking for! Even in the toughest grinding applications, our tables can help optimize dust collection.
  • Fans and Controllers in Atlantic County, NJ: For quiet operation and energy efficiency, speak to one of our representatives about our high performance fans.
  • Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems in Atlantic County, NJ: Frequent diesel exhaust exposure is a cancer risk that threatens firefighters and other Atlantic County employees. Prevent unnecessary carcinogen inhalation with one of our exhaust removal systems.
  • Ductwork Components in Atlantic County, NJ: You can have your very own specially designed and fabricated Atlantic County ducting system thanks to the assistance and experience of the experts at Clean Air Company.

Get Clean Air Company Filtration and Ventilation Systems in Atlantic County, NJ Today

Clean Air Company was founded in 1976. Since then, we have become Atlantic County and surrounding areas’ premier provider of ventilation systems and dust collection systems. Is your facility providing the clean air that it should? To find out if something is lacking in the system, request a free on-site survey. One of our certified industrial ventilation design specialists will be happy to assist you. From research laboratories to chemical processing facilities to emergency response teams, Clean Air Company, on a day-to-day basis, services a wide array of New Jersey clients.

If you would like to learn more about Clean Air Company’s scope of services in Atlantic County, NJ, do not hesitate to call us at 1-800-738-0911 or send an email to You may also fill out our online inquiry form.

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