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The utility industry is a broad industry that encompasses companies that deal with the provision of gas, electricity and other services. Utility companies have some of the most stringent health and safety policies and procedures because of the various health concerns employees are exposed to.

Maintenance garage facilities need to maintain heavy duty diesel power equipment.  The International Mechanical Code requires all maintenance garages use source capture exhaust systems. The World Health Organization declared diesel exhaust a known carcinogen so employees use exhaust removal systems to prevent employee exposure to diesel exhaust.   

 OSHA has implemented reduced exposure values for some of the byproducts of welding fume such as manganese and beryllium.  They also utilize welding fume extraction systems to prevent exposure to welding fumes. Source capture fume extraction systems ensure exposure to welding fumes is captured eliminated from the workplace. 

 Some utility companies need dust collection systems to eliminate exposure to metal dust and silica dust. 

To help you meet all the legal regulations, Clean Air Company provides a wide range of air cleaning systems for the utility industry to help tackle diesel and engine exhaust, dust and welding fumes. You can trust us when you need the best vehicle exhaust removal systems, vehicle exhaust extraction fans, diesel exhaust extraction systems, and more.

Understanding the Food and Flavors Industry

Understanding the Utility Industry//

At a glance – Key applications in the utility industry:
  • Engine testing
  • Load testing
  • Vehicle service repair
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Welding
  • Rotor cutting
At a glance – Key contaminants in the utility industry:
  • Diesel exhaust
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Brake dust
  • Welding fume
  • Benezene
  • Engine exhaust
Popular Products for the Utility Industry
Benefits of Utility Filtration and Ventilation Systems
  • Reduce employee absenteeism due to sickness
  • Increase facility safety
  • Improve machine reliability
  • Protection of workers’ health
  • Minimize potential long-term liability
  • Comply with OSHA regulations
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • …and more!

Get Air Cleaning and Dust Collection Systems from Clean Air Company//

Clean Air Company was established in 1976. After realizing the dire need to protect employees who have to deal with harmful air particulates, we started providing air cleaning and filtration systems to serve a wide range of industries, including the utility industry. Our systems are cost effective and can effectively remove up to 99.9% of exhaust or welding fumes from the air.

In case you do not have a system design in mind, our OSHA certified specialists can make a site visit and prpose the most efficient solutions after a careful evaluation of your needs. For example, hose drops provide an affordable way for you to capture exhaust fumes per maintenance bay. The exhaust connects to an overhead duct and can be raised from the floor using a pulley system. You can be assured that our specialists will advise on the best way forward in every situation as required.

If you any inquiries about our expertise in the utility industry, feel free to fill out our online inquiry form. You may also call us at 1-800-738-0911 or send an email to

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