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Transportation Services

Transportation Services

The transportation services industry is responsible for the movement of people and goods across the country. This includes bus companies, trucking companies and many more. Employees who work for these companies, however, are exposed to vehicle and diesel exhaust fumes on a daily basis. In the long run, these fumes can increase the risks of health complications among affected workers. 

Also, employees are exposed to dust as well as aerosolized paint. Other common air contaminants are smoke and fumes from welding process and exhaust emissions from engines. If the air in the workplace is not properly filtered, these contaminants can be easily inhaled and lead to certain medical problems, such as respiratory and neurological issues. A good example is manganese that is usually present in welding fumes. When inhaled, it can eventually cause memory loss or affect the nervous system. Productivity may also suffer due to employees taking sick days.

Using air filtration systems and dust collection systems, a transportation services company can easily avoid these problems. Air cleaning systems effectively remove soot, paint mist, and other contaminants and recycle purified air in the workplace. Clean Air Company’s air cleaning systems can keep your employees safe by removing contaminants and fine particulates from the air. We offer top-notch air quality management solutions such as diesel exhaust systems, exhaust removal systems, exhaust reels, exhaust hoses, Plymovent exhaust systems, garage exhaust systems, and more.

Transportation- Services
Understanding the Food and Flavors Industry
Transportation- Services

Understanding Transportation Services Industry//

At a glance – Key applications in the transportation services industry:
  • Engine testing
  • Load testing
  • Vehicle service repair
  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Welding
  • Rotor cutting
At a glance – Key contaminants in the transportation services industry:
  • Diesel exhaust
  • Welding fumes
  • Carbon monoxide
Popular Products for the Transportation Services Industry
Benefits of Filtration and Ventilation Systems for the Transportation Services Industry
  • Reduce employee absenteeism due to sickness
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase facility safety
  • Improve machine reliability
  • Protection of workers’ health
  • Minimize potential long-term liability
  • Comply with OSHA regulations
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • …and more!
Transportation- Services
Transportation- Services

Get Air Cleaning and Dust Collection Systems from Clean Air Company Today//

At Clean Air Company, you can count on our many years of experience to deliver the most effective air cleaning solutions. Having worked with numerous transportation services companies in the past, we perfectly understand your needs when it comes to air quality control in your workplace. We are more than happy to conduct a free onsite survey to ensure you get the most cost-efficient air filtration solution possible. What’s more, we also offer maintenance services for our air filtration systems. Our customer service is excellent, and we are very responsive to our customers’ inquiries.

If you have any inquiries about our expertise in the transportation services industry, feel free to fill out our online inquiry form. You may also call us at 1-800-738-0911 or send an email to

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