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Machine Shops

Machine Shops

In machine shops, mist and fumes are a big nuisance for workers. These harmful toxins are produced by the oil-based, emulsion-type or synthetic coolants that are used in today’s CNC machines. When inhaled, oil mist and coolant mist can cause respiratory problems such as irritating the nose, eyes and throat, and aggravating existing respiratory issues. Surface grinding also produces a lot of dust that can lead to a number of respiratory problems. All these can lead to employee absenteeism and lowered operational productivity, and this can be a serious blow to your company. 

OSHA regulations require all machine shops to have a proper mist collection and ventilation system in place to ensure the safety of employees. As a CNC machine shop owner, it is your duty to ensure your workplace environment is clean and safe while staying compliant to OSHA standards.

At Clean Air Company, we are highly committed to help you do just that. We offer a wide range of air filtration and dust collection systems apt for machine shops, including welding fume collectors, oil mist collectors, coolant mist collectors, air purifiers, and more.

Machine Shops
Understanding the Food and Flavors Industry
Machine Shops

Understanding the Machine Shop Industry//

At a glance – Key applications in machine shops:
  • Machining
  • Lathe machining
  • CNC machining
  • Surface grinding
At a glance – Key contaminants in machine shops:
  • Oil mist
  • Coolant mist
  • Metal dust
  • Welding fumes
  • Grinding dust
Benefits of Machine Shop Filtration and Ventilation Systems
  • Reduce employee absenteeism due to sickness
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase facility safety
  • Improve machine reliability
  • Protection of workers’ health
  • Minimize potential long-term liability
  • Comply with OSHA regulations
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • …and more!
Machine Shops
Machine Shops

Get Air Cleaning and Dust Collection Systems from Clean Air Company Today//

Clean Air Company has been providing mist collection systems and air cleaners for a wide range of industries all over the Tri-State Area. Our products are highly efficient for air filtration and dust collection needs. We work hard and fast to ensure that your workplace is clean and healthy for your employees to work in. This way, you’re always in business because productivity will not be affected due to many employees falling sick. When you work with us, our technicians will first conduct an initial onsite survey and determine which type of mist collection or ventilation system best suits your machine shop.

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