Company Profile

upper leftThe Clean Air Company, located in central NJ, is a family owned and operated business established in 1976. Our purpose is to eliminate contaminated indoor air thereby protecting the health of employees while lowering energy, maintenance, and insurance costs.

Clean Air Company services all industries from manufacturing facilities, laboratories, fire houses, vehicle fleet maintenance, bars and office space. We can filter or exhaust everything from Ammonia to Zinc. We cover the New York and New Jersey area from Montauk, NY to Cape May, NJ.

Projects are designed in house with our industrial ventilation design specialists. All design calculations are done in accordance with The American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists recommended practice. All design specialists are credited through North Carolina State University for industrial ventilation design.

Filter selection requires knowledge of the contaminate as well as filtration technology. Clean Air Company’s staff are Certified Air Filtration Specialists’ through the National Air Filtration Association. Recommendations on filter selection are based on a sound fundamental understanding of air flow calculations, filtration capabilities and your expectations.mid right

Scope of Services

Clean Air Company can provide particulate AIR SAMPLING to establish existing air contaminate concentrations and particle size identification. Reporting on the sampling can be provided to justify the expenditure, code compliance and base line from which air quality will improve. In order to get to where you’re going you have to know where you are.

FEASIBILITY ANALYSIS of the project including but not limited to operational costs, permitting, code compliance, and system comparison analysis. All available options are considered and evaluated so you can make an informed purchase decision.

PRELIMINARY DESIGN is the calculation of the air volume requirements, filter selection, air exchange rates, product selection, equipment locations and mounting details. Mechanical engineering firms recognize the value of a qualified industrial ventilation design. That’s why we work with so many mechanical engineering firms.

TURN-KEY INSTALLATIONS are provided by Clean Air Company personnel. We provide custom installations that bear our signature. Installations are clean quality installations because we want you to be part of our over 3,000 customer referral list.

We offer SERVICE/MAINTENANCE contracts to keep your system running trouble free. We schedule filter replacements, system adjustments, fan inspections, air flow testing and provide you with the details of our findings.

Sample Project Categories

Clean Air Company has been servicing the Emergency Service industry for 20 years. Designing systems to protect emergency responders from the hazards of diesel exhaust has been a primary market we have dominated ever since. We have installed systems in over 300 fire departments and ambulance squads in the New York metropolitan area.

PlymoVent source capture systems are the predominate system installed since they comply with NFPA standards and International Mechanical Code. Clean Air can retrofit existing stations or install in new construction projects.

Some more notable references we have worked with in the emergency services include:

Jersey City Fire Dept.

West Point Fire Dept

Camden Fire Dept.

Fort Monmouth Fire Dept.

Atlantic City Fire Dept.

Lakehurst Naval Weapons

White Plains Fire Dept

JFK Airport Crash Rescue

Riverhead Fire Dist.

Wantagh Fire Dist

In 2001 The Assistance to Firefighters Grant Program was established to provide financial assistance to fire departments that could justify their grant request. Clean Air Company has been working with fire departments to apply for this grant since its inception. We have lobbied for your cause and support the Congressional Fire Services Institute

Sample Project Categories

Welding fumes have been a recent subject of concern with the new OSHA regulations lowering exposure values due to the severe health related exposure effects. Weld shops, manufacturing facilities, vocational schools and maintenance facilities are some of the industries we provide fume extraction system to Clean Air Company provides various types of extraction arms, portable collectors and down draft tables based on the customer’s application and worker needs.

We provide research laboratories and chemical processing facilities that require fume extraction hoods to protect employees and product cross contamination.

Installation of dust collection systems that provide energy savings by recirculating the air back into the facility to prevent make up air and heat loss.

Some notable customers Clean Air Company has had the privilege of serving include:

Schering Plough

Bristol Myers Squib



New Brunswick Scientific


Johnson & Johnson

Rohm & Haas

Conoco Phillips


Con Edison

Ortho Pharmaceutical

lower left Vehicle exhaust emissions in maintenance facilities protect employees from the well documented health effects of exposure to diesel exhaust. Clean Air Company provides a wide range of products that fit the customer’s needs and budget.

We have installed hose reels and simple drops which provide coverage for the stationary vehicles being serviced in facilities like PSE&G, UPS, NJ Turnpike Authority and Con Edison. Extraction rails for inspection facilities like New York Taxi and Limousine Commission.

Clean Air Company can also provide air cleaners for applications where source capture and hose systems are prohibitive.

Various types of air cleaners can be supplied based on air volume requirements and filter type. Clean Air Company has installed over 10,000 air cleaners in metropolitan NY and is confident we have a product that will fit your needs. Sampling of customers include:

Proctor & Gamble General Motors Exxon Nabisco
Brands Anheuser – Bush B.A.S.F.
Engelhard Industries Chevron Goodyear Tire
Union Carbide Hess Oil Nestle
Ralston Purina General Toyota Atlantic Container C&C Cola