Fire House Exhaust System

Clean Air Company will design, install and service your Firehouse vehicle exhaust system.  We have been selling Plymovent exhaust systems for over 30 years in the NY and NJ areas.  A properly designed vehicle exhaust removal system connects directly to the tailpipe.  The exhaust is captured and vented outdoors.

Controlling diesel exhaust exposure inside the firehouse has become a primary concern among fire fighters. The Plymovent exhaust removal system protects firefighters from breathing diesel exhaust inside the fire station creating a better work environment.  Diesel exhaust exposure has been linked by the World Health Organization to an increase risk of cancer. Clean Air has been installing Plymovent source capture systems since 1989. The Plymovent system is a ceiling mounted source capture system that connects directly to the tailpipe.   It is a fully automatic design that only requires the firefighter to connect the exhaust hose to the vehicle.  The exhaust fan starts automatically when the vehicle starts.  The exhaust hose detaches from the vehicle automatically when the vehicle exits the station.  These automatic activation and release features are what differentiates a firehouse exhaust system from a maintenance garage exhaust system.

Some features of the Plymovent exhaust system include;

  • Pneumatic Grabber designed to inflate with compressed air to completely seal the tailpipe
  • Magnetic Grabber is designed to magnetically attach to the vehicle tailpipe
  • High Temperature Exhaust Hose rated up to 1200 F for high temperature exhaust fire apparatus
  • Safety Disconnect is designed to separate from the primary exhaust system
  • Ambient Air Induction Tailpipe Adaptor introduces ambient air to cool the exhaust airstream
  • Exhaust Rail is used when vehicles are parked in tandem allowing multiple exhaust hoses in the same apparatus bay
  • Exhaust Fans are designed for vehicle exhaust emission control
  • Exhaust Fan Auto Start Controller will start the exhaust fan automatically when the vehicle starts and turn the fan off after the vehicle has left the station

Clean Air Company provides exhaust system service contracts to keep you system working properly and prevent costly repairs

Plymovent is the predominate manufacture of exhaust systems designed for the emergency services industry. Their commitment to the fire service through product development and customer service is unmatched in the industry.  The Magnetic Grabber was introduced in 2010 to complement the pneumatic Grabber and was awarded the Red Dot award. 

Vehicle exhaust extraction systems are also referred to as diesel exhaust extraction systems.  Diesel engines produce known carcinogens.  The Health hazards of diesel exhaust have been well documented by the World Health Organization, OSHA, NIOSH and the EPA. They established an alarming correlation of pulmonary disease and asthma in metropolitan areas with higher concentrations of carbon emissions.  In 2007 diesel engine manufactures were required to implement Diesel Particulate Filtration (DPF) systems to capture particulates 2.5 micron and larger.  The DPF systems, required by the Clean Air Act, were implemented to improve the air quality outside.  They do not take the place of codes requiring a vehicle exhaust system inside maintenance garages or firehouses.