FEMA Survey Form

Your past interest in the AFG grant program and the Plymovent exhaust system is appreciated. Clean Air Company has partnered with a grant writer and Fire Grant Help is available to help review or answer questions about your grant at … Continue reading

Lung Health – A Workers’ Issue

An important article, regarding Lung Health, was published this week on the US Department of Labor Blog.  We offer it below in it’s entirety and hope that you will read this important information. The original post can be found here … Continue reading

The Spark Stops Here

Nordfab is pleased to introduce our new Spark Trap. It is inexpensive, easy to install, and best of all, very effective. The lead time on Nordfab Spark Traps is 4 days.  The perfect companion to compliment your fire prevention system for your … Continue reading

Hook Up the Hose!

Have you heard about “Hook Up The Hose”? Ryan Pennington of ViewsFromTheJumpseat.com & Kerry Falzone of Plymovent Corp., have joined forces to create this campaign focused on the importance of hooking up an exhaust extraction hose in emergency service stations. … Continue reading

Alsident Dimensioning Software

Are you familiar with Alsident’s application design software? Built into their website it works on all major browsers and can be found here. While the website version has the fullest set of features, accessing the internet isn’t an option on … Continue reading

Dust collector purchase – Pain or Profit?

Most of our site visits for dust collection are requested by the owner out of fear for liability concerns, OSHA violations, or employee complaints.  It’s a pain purchase to most because the dust collector doesn’t generate profit….or does it? True…. … Continue reading

Welcome to our new website!

To kick off 2014 we have decided to give www.cleanairco.com a bit of a facelift.  We hope you like it and that you find it easy to navigate.  If you have any issues with the site; something doesn’t work, or … Continue reading