Wet Dust Collectors

Wet Central Collector

The Filter 1 Hydrotron Dust Collector is specifically designed for capture of fine metal particles. The HWF series is a safe and economic method of cleaning these potentially volatile materials. With air volumes between 500 CFM and 5,000 CFM, the units can be connected via ductwork to the dust generating machines for source capture. This water filter collector meets OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust collectors located inside the building.




FIlter-1 Hydrotron DWF Wet Central Dust Collector Product Information

Wet Booth Collector

Booth collectors provide a large open area to provide a push-pull ventilation system to contain potentially explosive contaminated air.  Common dust collection applications include grinding aluminum, titanium, and explosive aerospace composites.  The booth itself allows more freedom of work space while the wet collection process eliminates potentially catastrophic explosions associated with collecting the fine particulates.  Booths are customizable to suite your needs and have multiple accessories to choose from including crane slots, enclosed lights, regain air diffusers and sludge conveyers.




FIlter-1 Hydrotron HPB Wet Booth Collector Product Information

Wet Table Collector

The Filter 1 Hydrotron Downdraft Table is a self-contained workstation with its own water dust collection system, excellent for “cell manufacturing.” It features easy installation and comes ready to run. The workstation is available with a single work surface or with two work surfaces, one on each side.

The Hydrotron gets the dust immediately wetted, reducing the risk of fire in ductwork and meets OSHA and NFPA regulations for dust collectors located inside the building. The standard unit includes a fiberglass grated work surface, a Regain Air Curtain in front to prevent dust from escaping the work zone, and a clear inspection door.




FIlter-1 Hydrotron DHYD Wet Downdraft Table Product Information